How many apps do you use on a regular basis?

How many apps do you use on a regular basis on your streaming device?

I ask this question due to the numerous complaints regarding minimal storage on streaming devices such as Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

I personally use 4-6 and could probably live with 3.

Curious to hear from all of you on this one.

The key here is how many you use on a regular basis.

  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-9
  • 10-12
  • 13+

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Honestly, vpn, one really good app with real debrid and that’s it.


4 apps for me Kodi with a good build is a storage hog so I limit what I put on my devices . I like to have a gigabyte of unused storage for cached data


i use stand alone apps deleted kodi it uses up so much space so now have over 3 gb of space on firestick


If considering ALL apps then SS, Safety Dot, Tivimate, Background Apps and process List, Fast Task Killer, SmartTube, Syncler+, and YoWindow. These are my daily driver apps. All the others I use on a random basis, or as a need arises such as Downloader and browser apps, X-plore, launcher apps, various media and player apps, and an assortment of utility apps.

Opening Ceremony: turn on tv, enable vpn and dot, click on Tivimate, watch tv and mess with peeps on Insider.

Closing Ceremony: open Background Apps and Process list, force close and empty cache from all apps running, turn off tv.


Kodi, Surfshark, VPN monitor dot.


I kinda think Troy might have meant streaming tv apps but if he meant all apps including vpn etc then I lied on this survey and feel inclined to disclose this information before I can proceed with my coffee. :grimacing:


since I use a Streaming android box I’ve never once had to be concerned with Storage. I use KODI, VPN, Tivimate, KODI 19.5 Fork, KODI 20 Fork regularly


ProtonVPN, VPN Security Dot, Tivimate, Stremio, Background apps and process list, fast task killer, Analiti, ESFile explorer, Malwarebytes, Downloader, SD Maid, VLC, Virus Total, and Silk Browser. All installed on a 4K Max with Smays powered OTG Hub and a 16 GB Sandisk 3.0
3GB free on the Max.
So I originally only counted 7 in the poll as those are my daily use ones, then the rest are occasionally accessed on a need to use basis.


4 for me. VPN, Analti Speed Test, Tivimate, and Kodi

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  1. my VPN
  2. my 3 streaming service(s)
  3. my volume booster
  4. Analiti
  5. SD Maid (system & cache cleanup)
  6. Radar X (weather app)

I just really use a VPN, my service and IP checker. Wife & Grandkids use Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Peacock along with our service


Most days
Vpn sd maid Malwarebytes fast task killer background and then either syncler or stremio o yeah and safety dot. I’m also using Nvidia shield or ut8 so really not worried about storage either. But I’m sure others have issues that have leaser devices but there are plenty ways of getting around that.


storage only affects firesticks


Storage is easily added to the Max Firesticks. The only drawback is you can’t do App storage and recording on the USB Drive at the same time.

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Hulu, Pureflix,10TV, Surfshark, Downloader, Safety Dot, Kodi, Silk Browser

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3 vpn, cinema, utube no ads


How do you like your volume booster?

Excellent. It is the one by Godev in the google play store. Easy to use and only have to boost volume level 12 -15% to hear good tv volume at a lower level. Only need it when the soundtrack signals are weak on certain streams.