Have you seen Beekeeper

Yes. One of his best movies. Hitting the guys that are scamming the elderly… Wish it could be real life.

Just finished it. Much better than I thought it would be

I watched it last night based on your recommendation.
I normally don’t like watching R rated movies because I’m getting too old to enjoy that image of life, but the context of this movie hit me hard.

There is too much scamming old people out of their life savings at a time in life when they should be respected and helped.
Too much lawlessness period. Identity theft affected 3 out of 4 americans last year, so I read.

Bravo to the film makers.

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If you liked John wick flicks the body count is the same from the beekeeper…


Who killed more people in their respective shows? lol

  • A. John Wick
  • B. Lucas McCain
  • C. Adam Clay
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I stopped watching halfway through. To me, it was just another predictable pile of brutality, mindless mayhem, and violence, with the endless kung-foo kick-ass crap that accompanies this tired and worn-out plot.

Has any one been watching “Expats” on HBO Max.
If so, are the LONG Chinese dialogs sub titled?
I am watching it on one of my IPTV subs.
No sub titles.
I actually run 4 subs, same on all.
I have also noticed similar things on other shows.
God father , part 2
Killers of the Flower moon.
I actually had to force sub titles on Griselda
On Netflix the sub titles were there
It appears the IPTV providers, at least the 4 I use, must get there
content from the same source(s).
Terry K

I’ve noticed the same on Stremio. Where Netflix may show a movie in a language other than English, the voice dub is English as well as the subtitles in English. In Stremio you hear the conversations in another language and must read the English subtitles to know what’s being said. If anyone knows how to pick up the Netflix version with both English voice dubbed over and English subtitles, please post those instructions.

I believe that movies like “Killers of …” 'The Godfather part 2" and other
ones have the English sub titles imbedded into them.
The only choice I have on TiVimate is subtitles ,IF, they were imbedded into the
video, I believe.
My guess is that ALL IPTV providers get there "content " from the same sources.
Even “Web Cam” versions.
Maybe they get the raw versions of them?!?
That would be, to me, the only explanation .

You might want to try using a different video player. I use MX player and it gets subtitles that are not available in the default video players from some video sources.

On Killers of… I used Stremio and was able to pick English (Forced) for subs that only appeared when a non English language was spoken.