Have you seen Beekeeper

It was that obvious? Mindless kung fu kickass mayhem with worn-out drama retreads are not high on my list.

I’m waiting for it to come to any of my several apps I have on my TV. Looking forward to seeing this movie. Its been written down to watch. How are most people watching it? Or should I say using what?

I watched it a few months ago on KODI where I get all my VOD shows/movies.

onstream /flixvision/ turks uk /stremio/ all good

Beekeeper movie everyone should watch, action, fights and bringing down the bad guy with no remorse


Land of Bad is new from Netflix. Lots of action, battles. Good guys vs Bad guys. If ya liked Beekeeper, give Land of Bad a look.

I watched both films a few weeks ago and they were quite what I enjoyed in action and fights


Then you will like ‘Monkey Man’, too.

From the previews I though I’d love it. So much that I watched it on one of those low quality, looks like they filmed it in the Theater films and I couldn’t get into it. Most likely because all of this that are pirated that way suck really and for myself will generally cause me not to care for something I might have gotten interested in if I waited just a few more days. Maybe I’ll try it out again but the beekeeper was pretty damn good and can say that much.

:eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star: Does anyone know if Shogun is in English??:eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star: I’ve been detered from checking it out just because I hate subtitles. Ever since I watched “Time Crimes” I just don’t care for reading what I’m trying to watch. Time Crimes was great for a low budget film based on time travel but I only found it once in English and that was by renting it from Google Play.

There’s another series called “DARK” that’s in German but the first two seasons I found it with English audio. I thought it was going to be cult like but it’s another time travel based series that’s excellent to be honest but the third session I haven’t been about to find in English anywhere.

I was so looking forward to watching Shogun. Then I tried and with some of it in English with lots of subbed parts, I gave up. The only time I like subs is the (Forced) option so that they only show in vids with the odd foreign language bits.


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Yeah, that’s to bad because there are a lot of really good foreign films, at least foreign to me, that I know are great but I’ll never get a chance to watch and enjoy them. I have serious ADD so subtitles are pretty much out of the question for me.

I’m also ADHD and just can’t handle the subs, it ruins a show for me.

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Well the glossy, big budget, Hollywood remake of what was originally a gritty Asian or European movie/tv story will have to do! I watch a lot of English and non-English speaking stuff, particularly European crime/gangster dramas and don’t mind subs but I wouldn’t say you’re hugely missing out on too much. US and UK tv industry doesn’t usually miss a trick let’s be honest :smile:

Did anyone else notice the vintage PS/2 era computers and CRT monitors in the Beekeeper “command center”?

Take a look at about 46 minutes.


If this is way off topic please free to flame it.
Has any one tried Redbox TV.
Maybe it’s just me being way behind the times.
At first appreance it seems to be great.
I can’t believe the stuff that’s on it!!!
Terry K

I believe the parent company Chicken Soup For The Soul, is going out of business and shutting down.

Yeah I missed it old computer stuff. It’s such a short scene I probably didn’t even pay attention!

I say watch it, of course I’ve watched all his movies I think. Filled with action as always.