Firestick 4k bought but doesn't work

Can anybody Help…

I bought a firestick JB off some guy

I have watched Videos on YouTube get this TV app that TV app

And everyone of them I try says the same

This App cannot be found

Tubi TV the picture of the app appears but as above happens

Crackle this app isn’t available for your country (UK)

Xumo this app shows Xumoplay picture but click and same as Tubi TV app cannot be found.

Subtitles on all of my series and at the beginning of movies I have turned off subtitles then pressed the home button
I have restarted my TV

The only way these turn off are manually
.I have to play the episode then scroll across to CC and turn them off and yes you guessed correctly there is no option in settings anywhere that says closed caption…

The firestick is installed with xtremrcodes XCIPTV…built in are 2 players EXOPlayer and A dodgy VLC player the VLC player makes everything look dubbed

Then there’s the biggest problem ever

This firestick uses a JB sky glass I am suppose to have access to live TV but the screen is black and a circle in blue just keeps spinning and spinning nothing same as rv guide the channel lust is present but again no picture

What 8s going on with it too be truthful it’s doing my head right in please can someone assist.

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Welcome IE1…

‘Some guy’, is never a good thing
I dont hv Fsticks, but i’ll try

You gotta mess to figure out…
Is it an old regular stick, 4k or a max?

First try changing location in Preference settings

I take it JB means jailbroken, which just means its open to side load (next time do it yourself)

Go into settings to make sure…
My FireTV…
Developer options…
Allow unknown apps…
& turn on/allow everything & ADB
(thats what jailbreaking is, so its that easy)

There is a close caption settng in Accessibility, see if that fixes cc problm

Xtreme codes is a code u enter into a url player like XCIPTV, its usually a paid subscriptn, so if they gave u a lame sub, youll hv to figure that out by trying a free url or anothr player, to see if the sub is bad

EXO & VLC are just media players, that can integrate into many apps & ply diffrnt formats of media

If u still cant get the Crack/ Tubi apps thru amazon search, u can side load them from unlinked or elsewere

& u can come in tomorrow & give more info & get more help from the Fire department (miki)

hth & gl …


Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but i would factory reset this thing right away. Then try what @Sketch said above.

Dear Sketch thankyou for responding

The Firestick is The Amazon Firestick 4k.

The guy I don’t know personally but things just are not right

I’ve seen a JB and yes it means what you was thinking is correct.

There is no CC in accessibility and the subtitle I turn off in settings but the Cc I have to turn off each and Everytime

Yes the EXOPlayer and VLc player are media players but this is what I mean all the JB things on this thing are in operated to a SKYGLASS JB app.

There is a World TV app but that’s become useless

So I am stuck I like I said have tried using different things

I cannot change the media player from within this SKYGLASS app the options are EXOPlayer and VLC hardcoded

I tried MX Player and it’s just an app

I tried like I said to download different apps I’ve seen to see if anything helps

I joined real debris and Tract TV

To Test out Bee TV nothing worked

I tried ex amount of others aswell

Tubi TV ,xumo TV, etc.
App Not Found and the logo screen comes up iwhen using DownLoader and nothing happens when I open app.

I 5hink this guy is a cowboy I’ve seen other JB in action and there cool

Mine on the other hand is totally whack lol.

No Livr TV no TV Guide channels are blacked out and the blue circle spins and spins

I’m a bit weary on doing it myself because I sit and think

Shall I then hit a brick wall if this guy can sell a JB and problems have persisted.

And won’t refund I mean this guy uses a Telegram app to communicate i was like nah even that sounds dodgy.

I just want to be able to sit down off a night time and watch my JB firestick without these countless problems.

If I reset to factory settings everything will be gone and without a clue off am I doing this right that right etc;

In a way I am gutted because Iif I do reset to factory settings I lose all the good things and new cinema release that is on the Firestick I can actually watch. IE movies and series even with it’s turn off every program and series episode using the Player CC butto

Thankyou and hope this insight makes sense.


Regards Pete

Never buy a stick from someone who jb them. You can easily do it yourself. Reset the entire thing and watch our guides. That should help.

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

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Everything that is on that Firestick at the moment can be reinstalled. It is what we do, it is what Troy does. I really think you either Factory reset this thing, or buy a new one and we start fresh. Either way, use the information on here, and the knowledge from the masses here in the Insider, and you will not only get back what was installed on it, but make it so much better and more personalized to you.

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I would start fresh. Factory reset. Now remember there are several different setups from Amazon depending on the Country of origin that the firestick is sold in. Up until last week every one was tied to an Amazon app library that is specific to each country. USA, Canada, Mexico UK and now an "international " model has been released. This means if you attempt to install an app not in your “native” app store you will get the not available warning or something similar. This is where JB comes into play. Once regged, then JB we can now use some of the app stores found on Troy’s Toolbox to load anything you want. The first app after “Downloader” should be a VPN and Troy has a great deal on SurfShark. The reason for that is to bypass geo blocking for content. Of course after JBng the stick you’ll lose all those pre-installed apps, but sounds to me like it won’t be that big a loss. Tivimate is around $25USD for lifetime and then there are countless IPTV subs available and can be found using the search here and on Now if you want to keep what you have then I would try to uninstall the Skyglass JB app as it sounds like that is a type of spyware, then JB the stick yourself if you can. But you definately need a VPN. Follow the links Dracoo posted and you should find any other answers you need. Hope you get it. Welcome to the Insider and to your exciting cord cutting adventure.

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YW Pete…

i tried to get u started without reset, but now with more info, i agree with the crew, to reset to default & get that spyglass crap off there & start fresh (or get a new cheap device)

Sky glass seems to be a paid TV servc from sky in UK that uses devices called ‘pucks’ (look like mecool) or its a flight trackr… lol

I’m curious how much storage is left after all that stuff, cuz stix dont hv much to begin with

But which ever route u take, this forum makes it fast & easy, & youll hv Cinema & more in a heartbeat

Only thing i fret with this stik is the re-registering the stick stuff (idk what that duz to the geo location) but if u brick it, u go get sumthin cheap & come in here & youl be up & runnin within an hr… gl


Why even mess with all that? Hop on Amazon and you can buy a new stick for $25 - $30 bucks and then start fresh and clean. There are tons of articles, people, and resources right here to get you up and running.

Keep the other FS to putz around on or sell to an enemy! lol Fire Stick 4K - Amazon: Electronics


Key words here are “some guy” … and that means whatever you do, wipe it out and start over. I agree with @Powerfader , get a new one on the cheap and be safe. I fixed a box recently for a friend that bought a box from “some guy” and it was loaded with backdoor trojan software for remote admin.

PowerFader is spot on. Get a new 4k Max for just $40USD and start fresh. You won’t regret it. Lots of help here on Troy’s “Insider”. I would like to add to this by saying that on the Firestick you can find the silk browser (Amazon smile on a blue background with the word “internet” under it). It is optimized for the Firesticks, clod based, and this is where you can use all the free “movie” sites that Troy lists on his site as well as the free sports sites. Even things like ustvgo tv247 etc. Tons of free stuff out there to get a taste of cord cutting. An excellent way to learn. Combined with tuts and insider member help, you can certainly gain a lot of precious help and info in a short time.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a steal at $39


Lesson Learned - Do not buy Stick from Some Yung Guy! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You have a computer, so you have all you need to start watching tv tonight for very minimul costs. First thing you need to do is go, search surfshark vpn, and sign up and activate. The 2nd thing once your vpn is active, (change to a USA location) go to the website You, my friend are now watching almost every live channel available in the USA, for the low cost of a vpn sub. When you get a minute from watching tv, go back to and search- How to Install Kodi for Windows PC – Kodi 19 Guide. Once you get this done, come back here and we can help you move on. This is a good way to start cord cutting for almost free, then research and decide which way you want to go next. Remember if you want to watch this method on your tv, all you need in most cases is a HDMI cord. Just my out of the box opinion.

Thankyou so veery much i am a nerd with anthing pc and android phones but this firestick seems a lotta work for a little device

i only got one in fairness because i was at a friends and hes worked ace

so i bought one after being convinced from a random guy a friend knew

and mine is utter crap yet the guy who suppose to be a friend has told me hes bought 3 of them and is blaming my isp which i dunno maybe it is

but the vpn installed is surfshark
the player is XC and thrm 4 capital letters
it comes preloaded with 2 media players i cannot use a different one

it came with a skyglass clone it has to be because sky glass adverts didnt appear till a month adfter clainming skyglass is the way to go.

the amount of problems are a masa and then last night i started watching my series to find advertd on screen appear when the episide is playing after i read advice from sketch i thought this guy helped me when i was running out of options i am so glad i came on this site ive been praying for answers through you tube but this stupid stick is not helping matters

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thankyou sketch for the advice you gave me i replyed to you but for some reason mailer deamon sent it back to me lol

i have read your advice and appreciate you taking the time to reply to me…

from pete

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dear sketch i recieved your message on youtube that adb on/off thing it told me turn them off along with data and more i didnt need lol i am confuddled

thsnkyou again sketch…From Pete

thankyou for thwe reply to my message appreciate it my laptpop is my portal just to create music i wouldnt watch tv on a laptop even though its an idea i didnt thi nk of lol

That purchased pre loaded Firestick may seem like a lot of work, but I can assure you, if you spend the $35 for a new 4K Max it is very easy to set up, and with a little help for the settings, you can be up and running in no time. We’re here to help and will.

thankyou miki i am actually glad to be here the more i read the better i feel i have read on all the possibilities i just have to take the final step and start again from scratch

regards pete

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