Fire TV Low On Storage

Lately I get a message saying my Second Generation Amazon Fire TV is low on storage and I may want to remove some applications. I have all my side loaded apps on a Sandisc not the Fire TV itself. The only things on the Fire TV itself are all the bloatware Amazon stuffed on there. I can’t remove any of the Amazon crap. Does anybody know how to free up space?

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Hello @Randath even though your apps are on your SanDisk, the data from them will be stored on the internal storage of your device. You may want to use ES File Explorer or Xplore file manager and sniff around in the various folders and delete items out of your Downloader, Downloads, and Filelinked folders. Also, if you download movies, etc. those may be on your internal storage as well. This video may help. It is older but the same steps would apply. How To Increase Storage On Firestick & Fire TV


I had the same problem a few weeks ago, I deleted as much as I could in es file Explorer and deleted all the apps that I didn’t use that often plus all the cache in every app and all that only gave me about 1 gig of free space of internal storage. I had to take the plunge and I did a factory reset and then reinstalled the apps that I mostly use, I ended up with about 2.5 gigs of free space. It’s a last resort but it worked out pretty good for me.

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Thanks Troy. I did go through ES File Explorer and did not find a lot of files in there to clean. I did delete a couple APK’s that I don’t use and freed up some space so hopefully I stop getting the alert message. If only there was a way to remove some of the Amazon bloatware. It seems they keep adding more crap I don’t use/ need.

I agree with Stephencattie. Did a factory reset and got back a ton of space.

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I just had the low on storage notice happen to me. I have very few apps on my stick. I do not have anything downloaded. I looked on the Amazon page for complaints and this is happening to a lot of people. People are taking off apps and doing factory resets and in the end, they are still having the problem and as of yet, Amazon is not responding to the problem. I wish we could find an answer that would last but there is no reason to do a reset if it is just going to happen again.

How low are you? If you go to settings—applications, how much free storage do you have? Have you cleared cache for all applications?

Its easier to just buy a CUBE…

Sorry, I just saw that you replied to me. I went in and cleared the cache for my apps and then I went in and cleaned out more files that had been stored that I did not realize was there. So far. I have not had the message anymore. Thank you for the reply.

My comment pertains to todays tutorial on explore and creating my storage on firestick. As an aside, I did try to make a new topic about this, but couldn’t because I kept getting a message that I needed 15 characters in the topic name even though I used way more than that. As another aside, none of this would be necessary if they would make these devices with a decent amount of storage. 5gb is a joke. I don’t understand why they make them so small.

Now, the meat and potatoes. I attempted to follow the steps outlined in todays tutorial with limited success. After about an hour of fooling around, I was able to get it to work. The first problem is that the “paste” option, seldom if ever came up in Xplore. I moved about 15 apps and recollect seeing “paste” only once. Not being able to paste, I found another way. I found the apps that I had copied further down on the page and clicked the install option which usually worked. I did find that in order for it to work, I needed to go to applications in settings and delete the app. For the most part it worked, but on several, I needed to uninstall the app multiple times before it worked. I did save some space. All of these machinations would not be necessary if they would make these things with adequate storage.

What i am trying to do us use es file mgr to move my apks to my tbite usb on my oc to clear out my fire stick. I need a easy way. To move my programs i have dideloaded to the stick. I already have it my tivimate set to record. So i have the address just not sure how to do it in es file. Any help?? Or links in here. Many thanks.

Have you used the debloat tool?
New Fire TV Debloater Toolbox Now In TROYPOINT App.

Also have you turned off some of the Amazon garbage?
settings>preferences>privacy settings>Device usage data set to “off”>Collect App Usage Data set to off>Interest- based Ads set to off back out to the sub menu and select “Feature Content” > Allow Video Autoplay set to off>Allow Audio Autoplay set to off. Back out of autoplay and choose Sync Recent Content and click to turn off unless you use Amazon Prime. Now go to Display & Sounds >Screensaver and set the start time to “Never”.
These are small tweaks that help save space and cpu/gpu cycles thus speeding up your sticks response and allowing more free RAM.

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I wanted to add one more small space saving tip on the Firesticks especially. If you have used Troy’s RAI to install a bunch of stuff after finishing, don’t forget to go into the settings and delete any files that may have been loaded, and are no longer needed, on your device.

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Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

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