EPG for TiVimate

Has anyone tried a “third party” EPG with/in TiVimate. I am finding that
the EPG’s on my three subs are inconsistent at best and
quite often no where near accurate. I can/could live with the
times being off, but quite often the EGP’s are just wrong.
I thought there may be an EPG that can be amalgamated into the TiVimate playlists.

I have at least a dozen epg s on my Tivimate and assign them all to each playlist. All my playlist will generate about 98%.

Using Tivimate you can manually assign specific channels to an epg.

look in here (Insider) for a topic that will supply you with at least a couple dozen epgs.

Currently I have 18 epgs assigned to 5 playlists.

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My services epg are on point and consistent. but if you’re having issues maybe try iptv boss it takes some learning but you would be able to solve your epg problems but if you want you can PM me about which services I use they have wonderful epg

I’m the same as PowerFader. I have 10 added EPGs in my 4 Subs and get about %98 filled.


If you are only relying on your service to provide your epg. Then good luck with that. I don’t care how good you think they are, they will ALWAYS fall short on the epg!


Would you mind sharing some of your epg’s please… Thanks… David

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Those are 2 good EPGs.

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“Powerfader” when you say “look here” when do you mean?

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