Downloader Browser Not Working

This may have been raised before, but i have searched.

I have downloader installed on my backup sd card. Today i installed it onto my Ugoos AM 8 device.

But when i typed in a code, i was greeted with " The web browser is disabled in this version of the app".

Any advice appreciated. Thank you

Make sure you’re using the latest version. That sounds like the older one that had that issue and a subsequent release fixed it or readded the browser function.

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Thanks miki. Will look for the latest version.

This is one of my favourite apk sources.

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Thanks miki. Excellent link and worked a treat​:grinning::pray:t2:

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Latest version of Downloader is also in our Toolbox. You can open toolbox in browser of Android TV Box and go to TROYPOINT Toolbox and install it from browser.


Mamy thanks. I have managed to do that.

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