DistroTV a very cool legal streamer

Not sure how many of yall have tried DistroTV but it has a pretty good line up and is all legal and free. Looking at my channels DVR where I have the m3u installed it has 178 channels. If you use the app it also has a vod collection. Also various regional channels, News, sports, variety etc. Its worth checking out. I put this on a guys android today that wanted some fishin’ shows dammit :rofl: The app is on the playstore for most devices or you can use the m3u method. However the person who updates the m3u frequently does not offer an epg or at least I cant find it but there are others and Miki might even have an epg stashed away somewhere :sweat_smile:…

DistroTV - Live TV & Movies - Apps on Google Play

The m3u is here, no vod however>>>> https://github.com/bharing19/DistroTV/raw/master/distrotv.m3u

The best epg I can find so far without consulting Miki is here>>> DistroTV/distrotv.xml.gz at master · bharing19/DistroTV · GitHub

And you can watch it in your browser>>>>

DistroTV - Live



i too luv fishing shows,this is completely awesome!!


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A friend told me he wanted a channel called Wired to Fish, and I found it on Distro…hes very happy he got it for free. :+1:


Were these m3u and epg part of the Free2View project that shut down. I know DeltaSr95 was one of the main contributors to the project and these codes are from his GitHub page.

The codes from F2V are no longer being maintained or updated.

I’m going to install the codes you presented and compare them.

yea it seems delta is keeping his own github page and updating often.

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Cool! He was the main person making the F2V project well organized and updated. He was very innovative in creating his playlist and incorporating the epgs.

Right now, I am waiting for all the epgs (24) I assigned to this m3u to load.

I found 73 out of the 178 channels showing an epg, but i know I can improve on that by manually assigning epgs to the respective channels.

Although, I agree with you the app most likely is much better, but having this on my Tivimate makes it more convenient.

To be honest the distrotv app is the best way to go. Someone has spent lotsa time with the app. Its got everything and a drop down guide by clicking top right.


Is this the wrong github for DeltaSr95, is there a newer one? DeltaSr95 (Nobody) · GitHub

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same name but as I understand there was a bit of a breakup. The original group had peeps adding content that wasnt legal…or sumthin like that :joy:… so delta disappeared until now

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possible this is a epg for it, I havent tested it but the dates look new
Index of /DStv/

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Not sure I follow. I recall geonsey being the one working on F2V and I remember the name DeltaSr95 as well, but still don’t understand about Delta being back or what he’s maintaining? :upside_down_face: :grinning: geonsey took his stuff to Roku and has a channel there similar to F2V but without the questionable channels.

whatever the case, it all looks to be working again. That epg above appears to be same as one I posted earlier. Seems to just give placeholders for data guide. Oh well. The app is best and id say better than pluto or zumo with different content.

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Completely agree with you about Distro, just don’t understand the Delta story or how he fits into it now. :thinking: That’s okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Found this very recently updated m3u for Distro. (12/17/22) The one in the bharing19 github said it was updated almost a year ago. Dec 31 2021 I think it was. This new one is also over 3 times larger in file size so it may or may not have some new channels added. Haven’t tested yet but it’s from a reliable source. https://www.apsattv.com/distro.m3u


Did you test it? Does the xml that TXRon gave populate the epg? Thanks Shayde.

Not near my tv yet, but I loaded into Televizo on my phone to have a look. All channels I tested played, a few had epg.

Sorry, missed the epg link part. Loading the one from txron now. Will test and report.

The epg from the github link didn’t populate any channels for me. Im still testing on Televizo on my phone right now. Dont know if it would be any different on another player

I’ll give it a go here as soon as I’ve finished my morning coffee. Thanks Shayde. btw I use TiViMate on a Max.

Sounds good, enjoy that coffee. I’m a diehard TiviMate fan too. Will be testing later as well.

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