Updated 1/28/2022: Adding Pluto TV and other URL's to Tivimate

Below are some more urls for some popular channels. I tested some of them and don’t guarantee any content…ESPECIALLY EPGS! Although, the epg’s seem to be working for now.

DistroTV (180 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/DistroTV
EPG: https://cutt.ly/DistroTVepg

WatchyourTV (40 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/WatchyourTV
EPG: https://cutt.ly/WatchyourTVepg

LocalNow (40 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/LocalNow
EPG: https://cutt.ly/LocalNowepg

BumblebeeTV (40 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/BumblebeeTV
EPG: https://cutt.ly/BumblebeeTVepg

Nosey (6 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/Nosey
EPG: https://cutt.ly/Noseyepg

Herogotv.com (127 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/Herogotv
EPG:. https://cutt.ly/Herogotvepg

Veely.tv (7 Channels)
Playlist: https://cutt.ly/Veely
EPG: https://cutt.ly/Veelyepg

November 14, 2021