Developer options missing Firestick

Hi guys, I just bought my firestick and want to install Kodi. I looked it up, I installed Downloader and now I’m trying to allow unknown app to be installed on the fired stick but I cannot find the developer options, I went in settings, then My fire Tv and there it doesn’t show

The version of the fire stick OS is (PS7285/2877)

Do you know what can I do?



When I try to install something anyway here what I get

When I press setting it goes back to settings with Developer options not available….

I’ve never tried this but it may help you. On the home screen go to find>search and type in developer tools and try installing their fire tv shortcut for them.b

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Hello @Cmoidd never seen this before. Here is what I’d try. Try restarting the device. If you still don’t see Dev Options, try Resetting to Factory Defaults. Please report back to let us know if it worked. This concerns me a bit as you are running a higher Fire OS version than me and I sure hope they aren’t taking this option away. I can’t believe that they would do that as Devs need a chance to test their apps.


Only one other person i have seen that had that version code, i have updated my stick several times and that version has not come up. I’m not sure where this is coming from. In fact any digging i do this code doesn’t come up even on amazons latest devices codes page…

The only other thing i can think of would be some sorta beta version only to select people?

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ahhh yes, now I remember. The latest official update I can find is and that’s what I have. If that’s the case then I think Troy is correct and a factory reset/update will be needed especialy if adding the developer shortcut from the stores doesn’t work either.

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Found it, the reset seemed to have work for this user.


Thanks everyone, I tried the factory reset and it did not work, I was going to try to update it after seeing your posts and when I went to Settings, My fire TV then developer options was present, I don’t know what happened here, and how it just re appeared. The version of the stick is the same, they won’t let me update it they say it is up to date….
But that is fixed I don’t know what happened???



So you have access to dev options on the stick after reset?

After reset no, it was not here. Then I left it for the day and check again last night after 11pm and it was here… I don’t know what happened… still the same version of the OS :face_with_monocle:

That is odd, so is that version as its not listed. Im starting to think its some insder amazon beta thing. Typically you opt in for those things are are actually knowing you are apart of it… but that version number does not list anywhere nor does any beta thing… so im truly not sure.


The only time I saw this happen was a freshly activated and registered Max. As there weren’t any sideloaded apps the developer option was not activated, the moment an app requiring permission like Troy"s RAI was installed the developer option then became visible. Only ever saw this one time.

It was a fresh start for me too, I had downloaded ‘downloader’ but no developer options… that’s odd

Wouldn’t the option still need to be there in order to allow for enabling ADB?

I haven’t a clue as noone has ever seen this before.

Why would a tv block a download to a firestick? I would return firestick for a different one.

I just checked their website and it clearly states… Yes we did that and you will like it because we said so. No further discussion please…we are too busy screwing up other stuff at this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :woozy_face: :rofl: :grimacing:

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Thanks Chass00 the issue is fixed, and I couldn’t brings it where I bought it

So buying a new one solved this? Thats really odd. Did you register your max with amazon online?

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Guys i figured out how to re enable dev options on firestick. it’s the same way as Samsung and android now. You have to go to settings, about, and keep clicking on fire TV stick Lite (or whatever model you have) if dev options is not already there and it will tell you that you are a developer after 5 times or until you see it say you are now a dev