Cinema Very Few Links with Real Debrid

I’m seeing very few links popping up on Cinema ad free when searching for content that’s within the last 3 years, and am using Real Debrid. It’s unreal how few links, like 5 or 6 only. Also struck by the wrong movie/show playing issue that I’ve seen mentioned here. Anyone else having issues? Or should I just bail out of Cinema and move to a different app? If so, recommendations?


There is a new update to cinema I believe try that.

If not move to syncler plus with real debrid. Much better.

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I use Stremio. They have add ons you can load to personalize your viewing experience.

Check that your subscription hasn’t expired. They won’t give you any warning. The longest subscription available for real-debrid is 6 months. I’ve never seen a way to do auto renew, so I set a reminder on my phone. I believe Cinema should show links in either white or yellow? That should indicate if they are premium links or not.

P.S. I’ve also always found more links using the crew add-on in Kodi, even if I’m using real-debrid with both.


I agree. The Crew in Kodi furnishes far more RD links than does Cinema. The biggest downside to Kodi is speed but I’ve discovered that by installing 19.1 with just The Crew addon (no other addons or services) the speed is much better. Also, one can purchase more than 6 months of Real-Debrid simply by renewing for another 6 months after purchasing the first 6 months. They automatically add additional purchases to your current subscription.


I learned something new today! Thank you :grin:


I reinstalled real-debrid and all of a sudden all was back to normal


I’m not having any issues with RD on Cinema. Are you perhaps looking for movies that the celluloid isn’t quite dry yet (No time to Die, etc)?


How do I get the update to cinema?

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The search function is your friend!!!

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Had the same problem and my Real Debrid had expired and I didn’t know. No issues after subscription updated.

Wow… I did not know of that about real debrid !! Thank you !

Same here with cinema

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One other thing you could try is using a VPN if you aren’t, or changing the location of the VPN. Depending on where you’re located, you may/may not need a VPN, even when using Real Debrid.


Check to make your account isn’t expired very first thing as there is no warning.

Second thing to do is to clear app data and re authorize your real debrid and try again

If still have link issues and checked those plus checked vpn.

Use syncler plus with real debrid or kodi plus crew plus siren plus real debrid. No issues at all with them

I have done all that, now I have a different problem…all my Cinema movies have the SLOTS gaming banners!!

That’s been happening for months. It’s usually cam or telesync. They put themselves out there as a “Source” and then RD simply redistributes them. This is one of my major beefs with RD, they never check the content or quality of their sources or suppliers. When I was running my site I would immediately ban ppl supplying this type of source with blatant self promotion. Trouble was they would then initiate DDOS attacks on my servers. Then I’d have more problems than it was worth. Gotta love the internet.

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I agree but most of those adds I find only appear on cams. (In my experience)

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True but they also use telesync on a regular basis as these are usually the first sources to be distributed for Movies along with Cam and HDCam.

  1. Who is RD?
  2. ANY SOLUTIONS to remove all this garbage?