Cinema .....I cant download the new version

Im not able to download new version of cinema?


Same problem using the no ads beta

Hi guys, I’m having the same problem with downloading the new update for Cinema. Can anybody recommend or provide us with a proper link or apk for the necessary.

Same here, tried numerous ways ie TP Rapid App Installer, Unlinked app, TP Downloader, Aurora Store etc etc & got no joy with any method

has anyone trying to use cinema when they click on a movie another movie is there instead of the one you want. what is up with that?


Cinema works fine but I can’t get it to update. I have found out over the years that sometimes it takes awhile for it to actually update

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Yes it happens a lot with new movies Cinema and Bee tv the movie you select , you get different movie

I’ve seen that a lot on other apks too. I read where it’s not the app, because all it does is look for the title. It’s the uploaders that are uploading the wrong movie for the title. Sometimes its frustrating, just got to keep trying. Maybe there should be a list of uploaders that are more reliable in uploading the right title?

Try unlinked 12341234
Or downloader Cinema-HD-V2-v2.3.6.1= 29404

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Get realdebrid it will resolve that for you, and other things lol

I 've found through the months of various updates for “Cinema HD”. You need to delete the old Cinema HD files from your device,and then, reload the fresh update for “Cinema HD”.


I have 2.4.0 is that the latest one or is there a newer one?

I updated mine yesterday was having the same problems. I deleted the old app, then used downloader and entered “” or maybe it was “” and that worked for me.


I had the same issue. I had to uninstall the current one, then install the new one. Sucks, because you have to setup your favorites again.


Use backup and restore on Cinema. After installing the new version do a restore on the new version. It works for me since Cinema does get rid of the backup filed.

you need to unload the old version before updating to the new version. it will not download with the old version still on the device.

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It normally happens on latest movies yet not fully downloaded and again it’s the RU and Chinese servers that do it.

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