Best media streaming apk?

Whats the best, most current, and reliable media streaming apk?

You mean streaming locally from a NAS or streaming from the internet? Kodi and Cinema, respectively.

Cinema, tea, ect…not interested in anything kodi though.


Free users should use:

Look here

Nothing really has changed.

If you want stable and lots of stuff with out issues consider paying a bit

Realdebrid with any app that it syncs too.

My personal recommendation:
Kodi with venom siren crew
Syncler plus with rd.

You may not be interested in kodi but it’s very stable with rd.


Yes, I currently use cinema with realdebrid. However, getting cinema to load on some devices, stability, and reliability are forcing me to seek a better option. I used kodi for years, just not interested in using again. Thank you for your help.

Just out of curiosity, did you happen to watch the video I posted on Kodi and The Crew add-on? People use Kodi in all sorts of different ways and sometimes make it more complicated than it needs to be. Not saying that is the case with you. But I’m wondering if it would be worth revisiting if you configured it differently? Once setup I consider it superior to standalone apps.


First Thank You for making this video. I did watch over and over to get it correct. Now my question is can I do this with other add-ons, say, like The Oath or Venom, etc?

You absolutely can if they are compatible with real-debrid. The menu layout just might look a little different but the settings should be labeled pretty much the same.

I also just finished recording a video guide for Tivimate. Keep a lookout for the new post if you want to check that out too.

Stremio. Has ad ons similiar to kodi but without all the click this, enter that, click to add, find repository, select from the following, not to mention Stremio stores all your watched history to remember, can stop and start a movie/series anytime and pick up right where you left off and you can use it on any firestick or box anywhere in the world simply by installing it on that device, and logging in. Any new device you use it on will then show you every one of your favorites and have your settings and configuration ready for you. You can integrate RD into it as well, although that is one thing that needs a bit of work on your part. You have to sign up for an account but I use a VPN and anonymous email.


This topic comes as close to my question as possible, so apologies if this is the wrong place.
I use a Firestick 4k and I only stream; I don’t record or download anything. On my stick, I have Kodi with about 5 add-ons installed. I use a VPN and I daily get download speeds between 112-130. I also have several utilities that I use daily to keep my stick running as clean as I can. So I clear cache daily and stop apps from running in the background. After doing all that, I still have 2.16 MB of storage left in my stick. Now here’s my question. I’m wondering if a streaming device exist that has more processing power? And if that is the incorrect question, I guess what I’m asking is if I only stream and I’m getting pretty good download speeds using my VPN, is there any device that I could consider that will help maximize my streaming experience? And by maximize I mean virtually eliminate buffering (I pay for the highest available speed from my ISP provider)

With those speeds I can’t imagine why you would still have buffering. Buffering is a huge problem, mostly due to the diverse nature of the problem. Troy has articles on how to reduce buffering. On top of his suggestions I would recommend trying the " change DNS" fix if you’ve exhausted every other avenue. Don’t forget, this may have absolutely nothing to do with you and may be that there is a bad server or “hop” along the way. Maybe overloaded servers, and the list goes on.

I never tried streaming will have to give it a try . Always looking for a new apk to play around with thanks for the review

Thanks for the reply and the DNS advice. I’ll have a look and a go at it.
I’ve followed Troy’s video and did all of his suggestions, and it helped. Buffering has been virtually eliminated with small number of exception on occasion when streaming movies or TV shows and when it does happen, it is annoying. Where I experience more problems is when I watch live sports. I still get buffering and also I will still get booted off the stream I’m using, and have to quickly scramble to find another stream to continue which is extremely annoying, as it interferes with me enjoying my streaming experience. That became the basis for my question.

Ahh live sports. I have 10 live sports sites bookmarked in my Silk browser. I hear your pain. The best ones like sportsbay and livenettv with “live event” lists are gone. So now I have a couple that give me steady streams although not the clearest at times.
Are presently my top sources.

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Hey @Miki
Hey thanks for those, I’ll have a look and try them out.


Any time. I have more if and when you want to test them and see how well they run for you. Don’t forget, location is everything. So lets say the Nascar race is in Texas, you would switch your vpn over to say Dallas, and not have it sourcing from the UK. Also I use Ola TV and when an event is being broadcast live I find who is showing it. So for the Nascar race it was being broadcast by NBC, so I went into Ola, to the Y63 server, let it load 1-2 minutes tops, then down and clicked “All”, again give it a minute to load, then click the magnifying icon on the top right, search, and I entered KXAS as my research showed that is the call letters for the local NBC in Dallas. That got me the best and fastest feed you could ever want. I know it’s a bit of work, but it’s free, and once I use mouse toggle and add the channel to my faves in KShaw I can go to that feed with ease the next time.

Never tried ola either I will try that also thanks :+1:

So what is this Ola TV? I’ve read some about it on this forum, but not had a look. Do you have a set to download and install on the Firestick 4k. I’d like to give it a spin.

Give me a couple of secs, you need 3 apps, and I’ll get the link for all 3 ad free APKs