Attention BuzzTV Owners! I need your help!

I have (3) BuzzTV boxes (XRS 4500 Max, XRS 4900 and a U5) and have nothing but good things to say about them.
All work great and record very well.
The only thing I would like to see is when they wake up to record a program after being turned off, they would turn off once the program is recorded.


My long interactions with customer support points to their good customer service. It is very good. They didn’t give up trying to find a solution for my no recording/freezing picture issues, even to the point of supplying me a replacement box.

My question for ‘buzztvglobal’, if my issue(s) “point to compatibility with the player and the streams” why did it record for a couple of weeks using the same streams i used when it didn’t - remember, it worked when the techs reflashed it to the Aug 11th update. The following updates screwed the recording up again???!!

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Could be the iptv as well. Remember recording with iptv isnt always reliable. If its a tv show or movie just stream it.

If by tech support you mean the online forum I would agree. I found it useless but direct contact seems to be the way to get answers.

Troy, thank you for requesting member experiences with BuzzTV devices. I will try to keep this brief, yet relevant.

I purchased a X5 at the end of May, 2022. The updates were problematic. The July version malfunctioned and was withdrawn. In August, updates for my June firmware were promised “sometime soon”.

In September I requested assistance of the Buzz/stbtalk forum. I am leaving a link for you to read. The responses speak for themselves and need no explanation.
Never underestimate the blindness that attends arrogance.

The same information in that post was sent to Buzz Support through their Contact Us option on the Buzz homepage. From their response I learned my current June firmware could not be updated via OTA, but could be using an sd card. Written and video instructions were included along with links to the required files.
The process went smoothly and OTA was restored.

Troy, there are two takeaways that I believe warrant your consideration when reviewing Buzz 2023 products. The first is BuzzTV is not committed to providing a reputable support forum for its customers. Secondly, when the X5 OTA became non-functional, Buzz did not come forward publicly with that information along with a resolution. In this case, silence is not golden.

After investing $162.00 and six months time, I boxed up the X5 and retired it to a closet. A Mecool KM6 Deluxe is my current streaming device. Its been over two months and I haven’t had any of the issues that were common place with the X5.


After my experience with the first Buzz TV box, you know the one that you add your own SSD Drive, I ended up storing it in a box because it was worthless.
So the opportunity to buy a new Buzz TV box was not in my vocabulary. Hope your experience is better than ours.

I would contact the Buzz guy here and talk to him. He’s helped a number of insiders here, and from my interaction with him, as well as the rep here in Mexico, they are genuine and honest individuals. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Unfortunately living here prices the Buzz way out of my budget and being retired I don’t have a ton of money. So pm him and give your serial number and let him see if he can help you.


Thank You, I have been in contact with them in the past and they have helped but the unit keeps shutting down. This became a nuisance for me, I’d be watching TV and it would frezee my channels. The firestick is a cheaper option for me. Again Thank You for your ideas.

I’m quadriplegic what a buzz TV X5 Android tv and for some reason lately the universal remote I’ve been using have been giving me connection issues to where one minute I’m connected the next minute I’m not the next 10 minutes I’m trying to get back connected a big mess and a very big headache! I soft reset, I hard reset, and I factory reset my TV in order to find a solution to this problem. I had this universal Remote app for almost a year with no issues then for some reason this month has been a migraine like no other. Sadly is hard to get people to help me with my issue because I’m quadriplegic because I live in a nursing home SMH :violin::violin: I would love to have my independence back if anyone can help me with this issue I would be forever grateful! PS I do not have access to the router if living in a nursing home was not clear. Any info needed please just ask let’s work together I’m all for it enjoy the rest of your day evening or morning depending on where you are. On a sidenote when searching to find a picture of the app on the App Store I noticed that the app is no longer available in the store so that could be my main issue there but if anyone can offer any good universal remotes that works with buzz TV or any android TV box and I have a vizio TV greatly appreciated

Just wondering if you’re firmware is all up to date.
V20230815 is the latest.
BuzzTV Smart Remote app should be 1.7.3
BuzzTV 5 should be 5.0.919

Sadly the problem was the universal app I was using they took the app off the app Store because they couldn’t keep up with their guidelines but currently there working on fixing the solution to bring the app back

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Im having great luck with my x5 128 , at first it was buggy but have had it for at least a year now and the last update(its been a while) is fast and wifi 6 works great. I have this in our bedroom and the shield pro wifi was lagging. I do not use mol3 as it is slow to start up.

I have the ac x5 I HATE it. I have 2 Formuler z8’s and choose the buzz since I would not need external storage for recording. But nothing plays well on the buzz box I finally but it in the office and went back to the the living room. I tried to reach out for assistance but got no help I regret the purchase. Completely worthless.

Try contacting them here. They are on the insider.

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Hi Jsank,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the AC X5. We strive for high standards, and it’s disappointing to learn we fell short.

Could you provide more details about the playback and recording issues you’re facing? This will help us address them effectively.

Please Private Message me your contact details or preferred method of communication, and our support team will reach out promptly to assist you.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we hope to make things right.

Thank you for your patience.


@buzztvglobal So after having a long discussion a very heated discussion with the creators of the app that I was using I started searching for a different universal Remote app I can use due to my condition and each app give me the same results for some reason each time that I put in my IP Address it will work for a brief second and then there will be a error message stating that IP address isn’t working check your Internet service which is good no interruption there it’s like no matter what my IP address is steady sending error message to where the app doesn’t connect properly and I tried factory resetting I tried resetting every which way and again I thought it was the app but I’m still having the same issue. I thought I was purchasing a top of the line Android box and from what I’ve been hearing a lot of people are having issues with the model that I got or maybe I just bought defective model who knows? But that is a lot of money wasted and $75 for a trade-in isn’t worth in my eyes the headache when I may get another product and have the same issue

Sorry for the late response sir but everything is up-to-date

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