Xfinity Stream App Missing From Troypoint Tool Box

I just purchased the New Walmart box and want to install the Xfinity stream app. It is not listed in the new Troypoint Toolbox. Where can I find it?

look in the play store

Xfinity Stream - Apps on Google Play

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It’s not in the Play store because the box has Android TV.

Xfinity Stream APK for Android Download

I have the new Onn Google TV box. The app Installs but when I go to a channel to watch I get a notice… Screen mirroring isn’t currently supported. Turn off screen mirroring to watch on this device, or you can watch on your TV if you have Chromecast device. Just tap the Chromecast icon in the app. I had install an older version for first Onn Box and it worked until it started asking for an Update a few weeks ago. New version Xf Stream on Old Onn Box does the same thing that New Onn box does. Help

It would seem that the box is not compatible with the app at least as far as google is concerned and this happens often for various reasons. I know it makes no sense to not be compatible with android-tv. Only other option would be to use a browser and log in and stream through that.

Here’s a fix, verified working by 2 members here very recently.


Shayde… Works absolutely perfect.

Thank You So Much


You’re welcome! Always happy to help if I can. :sun_with_face:

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One thing I happened to noticed is some channels will not play and States that device has to be connected to in Home Comcast Network. Any way around this? I’m on vacation on Hotel’s WiFi.

Thank You


That would be something that is related only to Xfinity’s rules, and you only will be able to access the channels after connecting with your home ip address which was logged within their system when you signed up/on. Unless you can spoof that ip, don’t know an easy way around it. Sorry. Maybe someone else has an idea. A VPN will change your ip, but I would think you’d have to have just the specific one on their records.