Xanax the fix URL needed

I’m looking for the url for Xanax the fix. I love this app it just works and it works great with RD. I want to install it on new firecube. I didn’t see it on TP RAI. I don’t really want to do kodi build. Your help is much appreciated.


Xanax is no more. I now use the Matrix build Using Kodi 19 … I’m not happy about that either. I also really like the Xanax build

It’s still working for me. I hate to lose it. Thanks

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I updated my 4K stick so that might be the reason mine wont work and yours will…

I don’t know but mine is updated too. It’s a 4K.

Maybe someone else will answer

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Here are the instructions I’ve written down when I used it:
Xanax - as name
go to add ons - zip file
install from repo
go to programs - Xanax Wizard - Install

Sadly that URL is long dead and gone … I loved Xanax, but love Xenon even more … the sports links are incredible.

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Hi Tom. The apk still works on my fire stick even though it’s been updated. I’m adding a fire cube so I’ll try out the Xenon build. Does it work well with RD in the movie category?? Thanks

I have the Xenon build on my TX6 android box which has 4gb RAM. The build takes a few minutes to sort itself out when you boot into it. After clicking on a movie or TV show there is a lag before anything happens … it is a slow build for sure. I do not use any bolt-ons such as RD but there is always a decent choice of links available. I use this build because it has the SportsHD addon which shows the rugby from the Southern Hemisphere … games that are hard to find … thats the beauty of it for me, the speed of it, or lack of is tolerated because of that. Hope this helps.

Hi Tom. Thanks for your response. I did load the build. The movie section is lightening fast. As far as RD and other premium services. It seems Trakt is a preferred method. Even though I authorized RD through the resolver in the build I still have to authorize on each app. That’s a downside but not a deal breaker. I’ll look for my favorite college team on the sports section. I ditched NFL. Thanks for the recommendation it seems it works for both of us. Have a great rest of your day.

I have been using using Xenon since Xanax is no longer being supported. The Xanax links remain up so many still work but they are unsupported. Xenon has many of the same links with real-debrid as well currently supported. I would also give Xenon the advantage because of the sports links.

My Xanax is working perfectly as well. I dread the day it’s not.

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Welcome. I agree Xanax is a great build and I was so disappointed when it became unsupported. But then I found the Xenon build, and happiness was restored to the kingdom.

Thanks Tom. I’ll make a note of that for when the day comes that my Xanax crashes.

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XENON url please. Thank you

That would depend on which version of Kodi you have installed. I would recommend the 19.1 version, and the 6.1 Free version of Xenon … if you search for Matrix build of Xenon on YT you will find the working Diggz link. Good luck.

Here is @TROYPOINT tutorial to Diggz Xenon

This always points to the latest version.

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Thanks for the info. The Troypoint procedures don’t work. I’m using Matrix 19.2. Not a big deal. Just looking for a Crew IPTV( which works great) back up.

I swapped to the Green Monster build. They have forks also. Much better than Xanax was for my uses.