Wolf Launcher - Won't Launch an App

I’ve just noticed that Wolf Launcher will not launch Prime Video (Firestick). Prime Video will launch from the standard Amazon Firestick menu.

Any idea what I should do? Is there a fix for this?

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

I have noticed that when I put Wolf Launcher on a Firestick, the launcher shows two instances of a few apps. Prime video was one of them. One of the icons for it works and one doesnt. No clue what causes this, but im guessing this could be the issue.

I usually put the non-working one in a folder so I dont have to see both Prime Video icons.

I decided to delete Wolf Launcher because of it not loading properly, missing background, no way to access the settings, and the other app did not enable/disable as it should. Besides, after the novelty of using the app wore off. I found I rarely ever used it.

There are literally thousands of backgrounds to use on the Wolf Launcher. Firestick settings are easily accessible. The launcher settings are bigly customizable. Troy has several excellent videos on this as do others available on YouTube. I’m not objective as I love Wolf Launcher and use it always


It really isnt an app you “use”. Either you want a customizable launcher, or you dont. Neither is the right or wrong answer, but I loves me a good customizable home screen.


I did too, but I found myself not using it all that much. I had a real cool tricked out background.

I just bought a couple of new Samsung TVs, and I am not very familiar with the settings. All I know is after I unpacked my NVidias after my big move. The Wolf launcher did not boot up properly. So, I decided to just delete the apps until I have the time to investigate it further. Right now, I am still sitting on a folding chair with a fold out card table and sleeping on an inflatable bed as my only furniture! lol

Btw, I did save all my backgrounds and app graphics in my X-plore app. So, when I am ready, I can easily put everything back the way I had it.


Well I tried to give it a go without Wolf Launcher a few weeks ago and stick with stock…by the end of the day Wolf was back. I guess its just what you are used to using. Nice to see ya back @Powerfader … I was beginning to think you were being held by the native Mountain people for ransom :rofl: :grimacing: :cowboy_hat_face:


Also glad to see you back. Hope all is well with you and family :v::sunglasses:


I too have been reluctant to give up Wolf, simply because I find being able to place apps in different sections more efficient, as well as removing all the adware. I have also given up trying to avoid the stock launcher. If I click on home rather than out of an app which takes me to the stock, it is just a few clicks along to invoke where I have placed Wolf, so no big deal. Each to his own, I guess.

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