Wolf Launcher Customization

How many people out there are using Wolf Launcher? I can’t imagine life without it anymore, dealing with all that garbage on the stock launcher.

Has anyone figured out how to change app icons? I noticed on the newest version that you can use saved icons. Which means you can probably create your own and really trick out your home page.

I messed around with the icon customizations and finally zeroed in on what I like…. Somewhat minimalistic.

(sorry the color is weird)

Let’s see your Launchers!


This is mine. I am very very minimalistic. I love simplicity


I guess maybe minimalistic is the wrong word for mine :slight_smile:


I’m with you on this one.
Nice when it’s easy to look at and easy to find…
I’ve got widgets for fast task killer to speed up, Silk browser for stadia gaming and taichi and xinternalsd because I’m messing with them at the moment and it’s nice to have them close to hand.

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I stopped using it because I couldn’t get full access to Settings through it (and if I recall I could not change things to my locality).

I should probably take another look huh? Lol.

The settings are easy to get to with a few clicks. The only issue I have is getting to the Amazon App Store without switching back to the stock launcher…

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The Wolf launcher is slowly improving. Access to the Amazon app store is now in there, my complaint is that once using that link, and app store opens, there isn’t any Search function.

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Can anyone help me with adding a background or wall paper to the wolf launcher screen? I tried directions from another place but I cant seem to get an image onto downloader or wherever your supposed to add it - in order to use it - as my directions instruct. Thanks

How did you add your wallpaper image?


This is one of the Troypoint vids


I’ve been using TV Launcher 3 for over 5 years. It is on the google play store. Very customizable set up with black, blue, or custom wallpaper backgrounds, with as many or as few icon buttons as you wish, as well as separate screens for favorites, other media and utilities. Easy access to your device settings from your Home Screen.

One small item still missing is the ability to search apps in the store. Takes forever to find the app you want under lots of “categories”. There are other issues as well requiring shutting down Wolf Loader and opening the Amazon loader. Wolf is my loader but it’s still a work in progress.

How can you put spaces between the icons under your applications on Wolf Launcher? Or just spaces period… on the screen? I like my screen to show my background but I’d like to ‘space out’ my applications across the bottom area and same with my favs. Any hope would be grateful. Thank you~

How do you ‘space out’ icons across your screen?

You can select anything between 3 to 6 icons per row on your individual screens. Only the number of your selected apps will show up on the screen. It is quite easy to set up and customize, including wall paper backgrounds.

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Configure the icons, choose vertical or horizontal instead of banner, change background on the tile to remove background. Remove title if you want. You can also choose an image as the icon or for the tile background. Play around with configuring the app icons and you’ll figure it out!

This is what I switched all mine up to…

For wallpaper, watch the Troypoint video on Wolf Launcher. He links to a great page with tons of high def backgrounds. You navigate there in Downloader browser, click the image you want then click Free Download and save it.

@Jags like this?

Try customizing your tiles because there are a lot of settings…

Long hold select or click the menu bottom on the tile > Configure >

Display Mode: Horizontal or vertical, depending if you are using text on your shortcut tiles or not and where you want the icon to be. Banner will use the apps default tile and you can’t change anything on it, including size.

Update icon: you can change the size of the icon, hide it or use any image file you want as an icon.

Update title: Hide or show the text and also change it to say whatever you want.

Update Background: If you have it in horizontal or vertical mode then there will be a random-colored background by default. You can turn it off, so just icons and text show. You can change the color or you can change it to an image file of your choosing.

Shadow layer: If you aren’t using banners or a tile with a full background, there is a shadow layer by default, and Border Radius rounds the corners.

If you want to use images for either tile backgrounds or icons, or both, download them the way that Troy outlined in the Wolf Launcher tutorial video for wallpaper.

I use a combination of banners and customized icon/text/background tiles. Play around with it and you’ll figure it out!


YES! I figured it out after a couple of tries… One both my TV’s. Looks great now… Thanks for all your and everyone’s help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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