Windows IPTV software

Trying to help a buddy, so don’t want to use Kodi as it will go over his head.

Any good IPTV software for PCs that actually work?

Never had good results with Smarters Pro

Tivi mate won’t work either. I didn’t know Kody would work on a computer. Might try an APK like stremio.

That won’t work on a PC. Well, I guess you could emulate it

I use a windows app called TvMate IPTV Player it’s on the MS Store.

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Alternatively, you could install LD Player9 on your PC. Then open LD Player and install Android IPTV apps. This will only work if you have a fairly powerful and modern PC. It will be too slow on older less powerful PCs. If you have Windows 11, I believe you can install Android apps without the need for LD Player.

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Apks are a runaround to do on a pc, and not going to be supported anyways soon.

stremio works on pc

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There’s Pot Player, VLC, IPTVnator, SimpleTV. All of which have their drawbacks. I’ve never found an IPTV player that checks all the boxes for Windows. Usually the epg won’t work or the favorites won’t save. Also been hearing a few recommendations for SfVIP Player, which I haven’t tested yet. Always make sure you download any of these from the proper place and scan before installing.

Try Prog tv I have been testing it for a few months now and like it. It is free to use with the option to buy
which will unlock all option

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Kodi and Stremio, the two best Movie/Tv apps, IMHO, fortunately both work great on windows PC.

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I’ve tried a few android simulator apps on Windows 10 and 11 to try and play IPTV apps. They all suck. The download time is horrific. The freezing and buffering is also bad. You are much better off just streaming through your android or IOS (Mac) device if your iptv service has a compatible app for those operating systems.

But Stremio is not an IPTV player. Person was asking for IPTV software for Windows.

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i would go for kodi and use stand alone apps less complicated an easy to do and use ps if you set it up with apps as favourites they will be on kodi simple way to do it

Well although that’s true, there are currently 10 addons for live TV in stremio, I’ve never tried them though, can’t beat TiViMate IMHO.

I tried the TV add-ons they wouldn’t connect. Stremio.

Waste of time trying imho. Like Kodi, I doubt it does live TV well, but VOD it’s da bomb. :bomb: :firecracker:


flixvision has live tv depends what your looking for oops my mistake not for pc :-1:

I tried flix, but on my Shield Pro it’s clunky, hard to navigate, voice search doesn’t work and live tv is glitchy. I deleted as I really don’t need it. Has potential though.

it is getting better but still a bit hit an miss

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I understand different strokes for different folks, but it’s very hard to beat s t r e m i o it’s so easy and when you want to go back into a show or a movie it goes right back into an instantaneously. Keeps you updated on all new episodes, you don’t need tracks, I don’t see why more people don’t use it. I understand people like Kody because it’s challenging, but if you got Alzheimer’s you get lost in all those mechanisms.