Windows IPTV software

kodi can be easy or hard it depends how you set it up i prefer to keep it simple less hassle

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I agree completely. That’s why I have had Stremio for many years and use Torrentio with RD. Love my series and Movies. Only rarely has Stremio had any issues, very rarely. I gave up on Kodi about 2 yrs back, but fully understand those who love and use it, especially if they have a dev who really enjoys their build and keeping it relevant.

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mostly use as a back up for sports loaded with four apps thats all the rest are stand alone apps ie as @Miki says

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Hey folks. @Hawki is asking for live tv IPTV players, not on demand movie and series programs. I too would like to find a good LIVE TV player that I can shrink into a smaller window and show on top of other programs that I am working on.

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I am also using IPTVSmarters Pro right now but the window cannot be resized down to a smaller size.

Hey @Hawki I just tried IPTV Stream Player and it looks promising. Its not in the Windows store but you can do a search for it on the web.

live tv player is the holy grail unless you pay for it unless its sports then theres no problem

I recently heard about and tried a very decent Windows IPTV Player. It’s been around for awhile, but earlier versions had not scanned clean. This new version does scan clean. If anyone wants to give it a try, it’s called SFVip Player. Below is the download link for the new x64 version
For Windows only. And you don’t even have to install anything, you can run it from the folder on your desktop or wherever you choose.

Are you talking about just an IPTV Player where you insert your own credentials or playlist, or are you talking about something that comes with free IPTV channels already built into it?

Hi, I downloaded MSI APP PLAYER. works great.

IPTV software, for windows, where I can input my credentials to use my IPTV service

Tivimate works great for me.