Will a ugreen 3 port usb ethernet adapter work on the Onn box?

All of a sudden my 5G wirless network will not connect to my Onn box. So i’m going to a wired connection. I would like to know is there a hub that works? Because i’ve connected the usb 3-port ethernet hub. But once i connect the ethernet cord it shows no connection via ethernet. Anyone have any suggestions?

It should work fine, there’s a lot of articles in the search on Onn and adding hubs. Have a great day


Should have mentioned earlier that if the hub is otg capable it will work but if not you’ll have to get an otg cable. Apologies

Thanks i’ll try it. Maybe that is the problem i’m having with the current hub i have. Maybe its not otg capable. Hopefully the ugreen hub will work thanks again Throttlejockey.

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Your welcome,if not check out the search for info.

I use an OTG cable and use Troy’s tutorial to setup my ONN and it works with not problems.

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Have you made any changes to the router(if you have one). I find it strange the box just quit connecting to wifi.

Hey @gene61 You want an ethernet adapter like amazon sells…or one of the generic ones…you will only get up to 100Mbps tho…not sure what you normally got with your wifi. He’s got a tutorial on hooking one up also…I’m with TXRon…why doesn’t it pick up wifi…that’s very strange…? I don’t know of any other peeps that have an ONN that had that problem…is it still in the 30 day purchase window?

This is what I got a while back when I put one on my old firestick…they are the same but different.

When I got started with my ONN I connected it to the Ugreen hub that I use with the Firestick (with two flash drives) just to see if it recognized the internet over Ethernet. Analiti showed that it was connected via wired connection. Once I have the ONN completely programmed, and am ready to ditch the Firestick, I will put a flash drive in the Ugreen hub.

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