Wifi/inet issues

I’ve also been trying to find something to replace my amazon devices over the fear of upcoming unwanted restrictions. My problem is I use wifi to connect and running a cable from the modem to my device is not an option. On a cube or stick with vpn on I achieve speeds well over 150 up and download which results in perfect streaming. Now a couple of weeks ago I tried buzztv box and I couldn’t get wifi speeds above 40 down and way lower up which made terrible playback and no 4k would stream so returned it. Now I just returned Formuler z10 pro max for the same reason not enough wifi to run properly, and I did try numerous servers with no changes. So my question is how is the wifi on the Shield and the Ugoos devices if anybody knows that information it would sure help this dummie.:unamused:


Probably didnt need to return everything. Just because with vpn on and getting low wife speeds doesn’t mean return. Every vpn service reduces speed. Id look into your vpn service and contact support or try a different vpn all together. Try different protocols.

You may also need to look into your wifi router or modem.

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Probably not but I may know less than literally anybody in this forum when it comes to this whole internet stuff, I mean I never owned a computer in my life and have only owned a cell phone a little over a year. What I really need would be to have somebody like you as a next door neighbor to come and straighten me out with this stuff.:laughing::rofl: I was using Express vpn, tried different servers, different protocols, I also have Ivacy and same thing tried different servers, different protocols. I played with that darn z10 for about 15 hours straight, I loved everything about it except the literally crippling speed and that’s where the grouchy old man kicks the can down the road. I’m open to any suggestions but I would just love to know if it’s me or the devices. I don’t understand why the fire devices perform so well in the same spot in my house.:thinking::unamused: Thanks @TP-Dracoo

If interested, you might want to check Troy’s review on the Ugoos AM 7 as he did a speed test using Analiti that showed download speed in excess of 900 mbs while using a 1 gigabit ethernet cable connection. Some other boxes will only allow up to 100 mbs to keep your device from overheating. It really all depends on your device, internet speeds and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Thanks @sim_bill, I did see that review as soon as it was posted and was impressed with that box and it was a draw between choosing that and the z10 pro max. After looking around I found I would have to wait too long for the ugoss so went with z10. My problem is I rent a house and the modem is on main floor and my tv room is one floor above. My landlord will not allow me to drill a tiny hole through his wooden floors.:roll_eyes:Therefore I only have the WIFI choice. I don’t think Troy’s review showed it with wifi speeds also, I’ll have to look at it again or if anybody else knows how the wifi works on these boxes I would love to hear.

Don’t drill holes, get a WiFi extender. Plugs into an outlet and then you just set it up. It will boost any signal.

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Hey @PapaS If you were/are getting 150Mbps thru a vpn…over wifi downstairs with a cube & a firestick, I think a Ugoos with 2 antenna & only a floor in the way would be no problem at all. Sounds like your setup is pretty tight as is…you must want a new toy to play with… :wink: :cowboy_hat_face:

BTW…floors/ceilings will hinder wifi less than multiple walls with plumbing, wiring & appliances strewn about.

Agree with what Miki says and one step furthur you could hard wire the extender to the nearest location to increase speeds.

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Go up inside a wall.

Thanks @Miki. Like previously said I don’t have a pile of knowledge about all this internet stuff but I do already have 2 whats called Bell wifi pods and I’m with Bell in Canada, my modem is a home hub 4000(just upgraded) and its 5g optic fibre and I pay for 1500mpbs. I just don’t get why the firecube or 4k firestick work perfect really good speeds but the other 2 devices I’ve tried in the same room are so slow they won’t function properly through wifi.:unamused:

I wish I had a good answer for you. @TP-Dracoo is way better at things like modems and routers. I suspect, of course, it may be a setting somewhere. I would take a look and see if you have a dual band modem, so it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 5GHz is usually faster as long as your device in line of site with the modem. So maybe some of your devices are hooked to 5GHz and some to 2.4. Just a guess on my part as it’s very difficult to diagnose problems like this without being there. Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer.

Thanks @pangaeatech. No I’m actually getting those speeds with vpn on in the upstairs where I’m having trouble with other devices. Guess my last chance to get away from fire device’s is to try the ugoos.I have a feeling streaming with fire devices is about to make some terrible changes for streamers in the future and I have never loved tv in my life like I do now, just don’t want to be left streamless. Thanks for the suggestion.

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First thing to do is check your speed, im going to assume your on 2.4 wifi as you are to far away from the modem so you wont get 5g. If you can’t run a cable then a wifi extender is your best option as you slowly rely on wifi.

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I hate to sound any dumber than I already have but I just assumed I have 5g because thats what my provider told me is there a way for me to tell?

On a firestick…go into settings & click on network…press the play/pause button( middle button below the home button) on your remote & it’ll show you everything you want to know. Signal strength will be there too.

The network name (SSID) usually has that info in it. So lets say your network is "Myplace " or “Myplace5G”. So all that is found in settings>network.

Thanks @Miki for that info. It’s sad l can do some great things with kodi now but I really didn’t know for sure what internet I had. Now I know for sure it is indeed 5ghz. Thanks again!

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Thank you @pangaeatech !