Wifi cox copywrite notice

I was streaming on kodi the other night and I have the surf shark vpn, I received a notice the day after from my wifi company (COX) that they had received a third party copywrite notification that I had a copywrite infringement notification. What was I doing wrong?

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Did you make sure you had SurfShark connected to KODI and not bypass it? Anyway, I got rid of SurfShark, went to Express VPN. I’ve had nothing but issues with SurfShark. Smooth streaming now with Express



Was the notice only address from Cox or was it addressed from the third party who initial company of the stream?

It can take up to a month from the day you are caught to getting the infringement notice. It should say what you were sharing and what date this was on. Sounds like you were watching from a torrent file that permits others to share from you (that’s how the copyright owners catch you).


Thanks for the info, which is the best to use?

It was direct from cox saying they had a third party notification on a copywrite notification

always use vpn for torrents rule no 1

Hmmm, I use KODI Daily and don’t use a VPN and most of the 4K/1080P sources are Torrents but I do have Real Debrid. The only time I ever received one of these letters was about 6 years ago when I Downloaded (not stream) a few movies without using a VPN. So now in the rare case I need to download a movie/show I’ll turn on the VPN


you have to be very unlucky to get a warning and its hard to prove who downloaded i mean someone could piggyback your internet etc


I’ve only had one infringement letter, and that was due to downloading a movie on my PC and didn’t have the VPN on. It was from AT&t who advised me they got it from NBC. Their policy is you get too many infringement letters they just cut your internet that’s about it. And I received an infringement letter the next day via email.

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Does it make a difference with my vpn if I am using the ethernet vs wifi

Does it make a difference on my vpn if i am using the ethernet vs the wifi? thanks

Not if you have your VPN installed on every device you have that connects to the internet, or if you have a vpn installed on the router.


Never use ipv6 for streaming as it reveals much about you. Most vpns block it others claim to work with it. Basic rule is always use a vpn(in working order) and do not take advice from someone telling you not to. Those not using are who brings the heat down on an isp and in turn, sends you a letter. imho.


Thank you

My shield pro gives me the option to shut off the IPv6. Should i? Would it change anything in performance?

hopefully your vpn is already blocking it. https://ipleak.net/

Yeah I got that site from you already I checked it out I don’t have no leakage.

There’s a lot less headache by simply bypassing ipv6 in lieu of ipv4, as many sites are still strictly ipv4 protocol only.

There eventually will come a time where ipv6 is properly matured and will be the majority standard. Right now, once there’s no backwards compatibility with ipv4, it’s still better to wait.

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