Why does Xenon run so slow

When I open the app, and select movies and tv and any build. It displays “working” forever. Does anyone have any ideas why my internet connection is strong but still it takes forever to get an app.

What device are you running Xenon on?

I am running on a Fire Stick 4k


Because kodi builds use resources, its not recommended to use builds on a firestick.


Thanks, TP-Dracoo, but hasn’t so many of Troys videos been on loading builds/Addons under Kodi i.e. Xanax etc. Or am I missing something here.


The team tells you the best build to use for content and how to load them, but due to firesticks lack of resources builds are kinda not the best for a firestick.

Troy uses seren on his, kodi with single addons will net you a better experience and less slowness.

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Also if you’re going to use a build then be sure and install a maintenance wizzard and use their pre-configured file for low RAM on the firestick.

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You now guys, thank you so much for the information, but what you are providing was not mentioned in any of Troys videos. So would it make more sense for him to possibly address these issues in his video as opposed to the constant drum beat of purchasing VPN software? I am just wondering, no shade intended.


He address seren with rd and trakt with his advisor emails. Vpns have nothing to do with kodi, its heavily mentioned to protect you, and your data.

You are welcome. I also believe maintenance is mentioned as its also important for your firestick.

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