Which version of Stremio ARM or ARM64

I’m about to wipe and clean install a couple of Firesticks (4k). So far I’ve been using Stremio 1.5.8 ARM but I see there is a 1.5.8 ARM64 version. Which is preferred on the firestick 4k?

Before you wipe it run AIDA64 & see what it says under CPU / Instruction Set.


This, that app will tell you what you need.

most all boxes are 32b, 64 on more high end devices like a ugoos ut-8


Nothing there(?)

However, Found what I need on AFTVNews - I though I read somewhere that the 4k and up were 64bit, but they are still 32bit (so I’ll use the 32bit ARM file).

When you go to stremio(.)com/downloads removing the brackets, and scroll down it will highlight the recommended download for your device. Just use that link on the device you want to install Stremio on.

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Okay… I use it and others on all my devices but alright, im glad you got it. But do what miki said, it will tell you what you need.

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I use the stremio for android tv on the firestick and it works fine, i like the look of it over the mobile version. Its the stremio 1.5.7 arm apk under the android tv section.

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Ya I just installed Stremio on my Shield Pro and honestly do not like the horizontal scroll setup. Vertical is quicker, easier, and a much better layout.

So…ya got it! :+1: :+1: :point_right: :man_dancing: :point_left: :eyes:

It just gives you 4 options under Android Device (ARM, ARM64, ARM-x86 and ARM-X86/64). Doesn’t say anything about specific devices.

But in any event, all of the current sticks are 32 bit so will use the ARM link.

It does on every device I have or have tried. I just opened it on my phone and under Android it gives the recommended download for this device.

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If ya go to Stremio - Freedom to Stream
Scroll down and ya come to android tv section if ya want to give that a try.

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I guess its what you are used to, I never knew about a verticle scroll

Oh and congrats Miki on the new shield :+1:

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Ya, on FireTV you open a series and all seasons are listed across the top, on the right are the episodes. They are marked if watched, then you scroll down and click on the one you want, then it open’s with sources listed vertically on the right. Scroll down and choose the one you want. It’ll just take me a bit to get this new GUI figured out as well as how to see stuff.

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We already discussed this, remember?

Yup. Oh boy. 20+ letters.

Stremio 158. :sunglasses::sunglasses:
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Ah, OK. I don’t use an Android Phone - I use my PC to download (no info on that) and then sideload the app using ADBlink.

Ahhh. That’s where the dif is. I never use any Win doze any more so not sure what it shows. Have a great day.