Which IPTV Player is Updated More Frequently?

Am trying to find which IPTV apps get updated. So far only know SPARKLE as getting updates. Anything else ?

Sparkle and I’mPlayer ones I see getting updates. Tivimate will probably eventually.

Any of the premium players have updates.

iMPlayer has been updated fairly recently.

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Sparkle just got an update - 1.9.2.

Developer is active on Sparkle Reddit website & very responsive via email as well.

Great app!!:+1:

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Agree 100%. Tivimate is still the best overall, but it is very refreshing to see a developer like the one for Sparkle being so active. I use it on my Onn boxes, and really like it.

Been using TVImate for years now. Paid version is constantly updated.


We may need a definition of the word constantly. LOL My TiviMate doesn’t seem to get many updates anymore.

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The dev has been inactive for a long time. I’m still on 4.7.0
But honestly I haven’t noticed anything that really needs updating. No bugs I’m aware of. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Works seemlessly for me. I can’t even think of any features I’d like added.


Tivimate last update was back in March. I’m pretty sure a update will happen in the future. I been using Sparkle lately. Its great!

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Ya I was thinking of pulling the trigger and get the lifetime premium to run it through it’s paces for a full on comparison. Reading a number of positive reviews.

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Don’t buy if run Fire Cube. App crashes I’ve been seeing posted for Sparkle.

Has the most updates but they are always experimenting with new features

your idea of constant and my idea are way off.


Tivimate was aquired by a new owner and to my knowledge hasnt updated since, but as Miki says if it aint broke dont fix it. Sparkle is nice(I own it) but you are required to be logged into the playstore to use it which is just stupid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Smarters seems active and one of my top choices still.


I haven’t seen any posts on a new Tivimate owner any where? Have a link for that ?

March 2nd

The company changed names back in March…about the same time as the last update. Not certain if he sold or sold a portion, the name has changed.

However, it looks like the email address is the same as it was: ar.mobile.dev@gmail.com


I think it’s still same developer (Alex). He probably knows the app doesn’t need constant updates.

Dunno, but the scuttlebutt on other forums is that Tivimate was sold, or at least a portion

Use the email address and ask.