Where to find Rapid App URL

Hi Troy,

I subscribed to Troypoint about a year ago and at that time received the link to install Rapid App Installer, which I installed.
I recently purchased another Firestick and wanted to put the Rapid App installer on it, but I haven’t had any luck finding the link or URL on the Troypoint website?
I just read a recent post on this topic and went on Troypoint again to try and find the link or shortcut to the app, but no luck. What was recently posted explains how to install IP Vanish, but no information on where to get the Rapid App Installer?
Maybe it would make sense to post a link or shortcut here, for those already subscribed?


Not to be disrespectful but searching effectively is a learned skill. I found tons of articles, and you can to.
Open search and type in RAI and hit search, then read. The answer is there.

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I just found the link to the Rapid App installer. It is buried within the Rapid App tutorial. I can go to the Troypoint website, through Downloader, then click on the link there and download it. Not the easiest route to find it, but it should work.

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I did try to search function initially. There are lots of posts on problems with the RAI, as well as other apk’s, within RAI, but I didn’t see anything posted with a link to the RAI.

If you find a direct link, please post it, as I didn’t come across any. It shouldn’t be this difficult to post a link, in my opinion.

It’s in the articles.


I was able to find it doing a search. It’s allover the website and the insider.


In your Downloader.