How to get rapid app installer back

Somehow i deleted my rapid app installer on firestick an it wont let me sign up again how do i get it back


Thanks again Troy you saved the day again


I tried using this tutorial and I still can’t get TP RAI installed. Is this the right link in downloader (


Yes that is correct i just put that into my phone and it worked

Did u subscribe to rapid app installer first

I didn’t know that I needed to do that. I had rapid installer on both of my devices already. Is there some info or a link for signing up for this app? Thanks for your help.

Just to clarify, I went through a video on and it didn’t say anything about registering. The link provided above, does this discuss the registration process?

putting this into the “orange” stock downloader on firestick should work… (dont forget the S)

Link for sign-up…

You are awesome zorlac! I don’t know if this is a common issue, but I never get these emails with the guides. I got the confirmation, but no email. It says you won’t receive the email if you were emailed before. Maybe I’m registered, but put in the https:// part. I’ll give that a shot and follow up. TY!

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Cool … check yur spam & other accounts

Use downloader and type


Major issues with RAI. When you register for RAI, how does your device get recognized for authorization? Should I be registering through the internet from my Fire TV?

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Here is the link if you haven’t got it

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I can’t download RAI. I’ve tried every variation of Seems to be a registration issue. I’m trying to understand how my firetv box (2nd gen) gets recognized for registration. Thanks though.

Jeff u have to put in downloader

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How to install Cinema HD on my Android phone


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Please make a new topic or use the search function as that’s a separate issues and not related to this topic.

You can just download cinema as a apk and install it. Works just fine on the phone.


You shouldn’t be running into registration on the app. You become a insider community and can download it by putting in the Downloader. Or you download the app directly to your device.

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