When Will a New NVIDIA SHIELD Device Be Released?

Originally published at: When Will a New NVIDIA SHIELD Device Be Released?

One of the most popular streaming devices on the market today, the NVIDIA SHIELD is a powerful workhorse for cord-cutters and more who use it on a daily basis. While it is still one of the most used Android TV Boxes available, there has not been a new NVIDIA SHIELD released since the Shield TV…


Since both Nvidia and Tivimate seem to not be much interested in updating their products. I’m looking at maybe getting one of these in the near future, Formuler Z11 Pro Max. I am more interested in testing out the MOL3 than the box.


“Consumers still consider it at the top of the food chain and maybe this is one of the reasons the company has not yet pushed out a new version.”

NVDA is one of the Top companies in the AI Boom and The Shield is meaningless to them. Probably doesn’t even account for .0001% of their total revenues. I doubt they ever release a new Shield. Most people have no idea that they even have a streaming device. It’s all about their GPU’s/Chips to power the AI Boom

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Powerfader, i just got a formuler z11 pro max a couple days ago, I love it! Id say the picture is just as good if not better than the shield, its just as fast if not faster and MOL3 is Great!

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I was thinking of jumping on the Z11 pro max as well. $250 here in Canada, from Amazon, but that’s not bad for what ya get. From Formuler Canada it’s $285. Let us know of your setup experience and any suggestions you guys have. Tx.

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The King is dead? Long live the Queen! :worried:

I saw this deal on Amazon. I like ordering direct from Formuler, though. I would get all the extras, but I don’t like ordering from some shifty eyed guys out there sending a used one, either.

Amazon.com: Formuler Z11 Pro Max Android 11 4GB Ram 32GB ROM 4K with Universal Bluetooth Voice Remote Control BT1 & Case Cover + Extra 7 Colour Wireless Keyboard + Extra Luminous Remote + Extra Magnetic Mount : Electronics

I’ve had my Z10 Pro Max for a couple years now and love it. Fun to mess around with

if knew it would make use of hdhomerun channels I would get one but I cant find a clear answer to that…but i’m still contemplating :crazy_face:

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There are a number of posts online stating that hdhomerun will not work on MOL3, but apparently some other similar apps will.

Yea it appears the usb types work but not lan types… or dlna

I just ordered this package. Im so use to the shield so im hoping I’ll like it. Hardest thing will be getting use to a new remote

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I wonder if anyone has had a look at the new Buzztv6 power station that is coming out on April the 15th 2024. You can get it with 128GB of memory and 16 GB if ram. Sounds like a powerhouse to me. I have been a Buzztv5 special edition for the last year or two and have always been really happy with it.


I’m a Buzztv fan also, currently have a U5 and X5, the big quiestion here is cost on the power station. Big specs? and I hear its not amlogic but rather a Rockchip. So I will need to see reviews.

Hey TXRon: If the price is not insane, I’m going to buy it when iit comes out and will let you know what I think about it. Just for information, I also have the Nvidia pro and have played with a lot of the other boxes out there, so I should have some idea as to how the buzztv 6 stacks up against the competion. Looking forward to this new adventure.


I’m waiting for the Green Monster as well. I was not overly impressed with the U5 but keeping my fingers crossed for the P6. I will definitely get one. I know the Shield Pro has been an amazing device but it’s obvious the writing is on the wall and it’s not getting any younger. So first test will be the Green Monster and then the Formuler Z11 max if that doesn’t meet my standards. 2024 is time for an upgrade.


Hi Miki, sounds like 2024 is going to be full of new adventures. It looks like the the Green Monster should show us some new “attitude”. I can’t wait!

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