What is wrong with nVidia Shield

I just reset my Shield TV, because I was having problems streaming IPTV channels. This is my SECOND reset, BTW. Figured if I would reset, start from scratch, and only install a minimum amount of apps, so as to not cause any other problems. Previously, while streaming Area 51, the Shield would stop streaming, and act like it’s buffering. Stream would not come back on. Normally you would check that your reception is good on your WiFi, you had a sufficient speed to support streaming, and that there were no other factors possibly involved. Check, check, and check. Speed is more than sufficient, distance from WiFi source is only 25 ft., signal is excellent, and all equipment, modem and router (Orbi) is new and capable of handling any streaming thrown at them. Normally, you would say it has to be something other than the Shield. Normally, I would agree, but here is the “rub”. I have TWO Shields in the house, experiencing the same issue. I have two Fire TVs, which work flawlessly when streaming under the same circumstances!!! It can’t be a network issue on my end, therefore, all I can figure, is that the problem has to lie with BOTH Shields. Since both Fire TVs work, that eliminates any problems on my end. All I can figure is that, an nVidia update screwed something up, as I seem to recall things working fine, until one of the last two updates. Have read elsewhere of this being referenced to.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Apologize for being long winded, but wanted to lay out all the facts, specs, etc., so a possible solution can happen.

Area 51 on my three shields is doing the same thing. My Amazon cubes are not doing it. I can’t figure our what’s going on. It is happening regardless of IPVanish being connected or not. Let me know if you figure it out and I’ll do the same.

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I tried Players Klub, and it happens with that service too, although P.K. is NOT as reliable as A51, so that’s not a real good benchmark to reference.

I used PK and I got rid of them. I need to find a solid service to try as a backup. Everyone seems to not be taking new customers.

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I still use PK as a backup, because there aren’t any other reasonably priced choices at this point. They’re either too pricey, or just not available, at all. Eternal, for example, might as well take down their website, and any suggestion they offer IPTV services, as they NEVER have any openings to subscribe! They need to step up, and increase their number of servers and other equipment, to handle a bigger load. With the number of people who are obviously trying to subscribe, there’s no reason they can’t expand!

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clear cache on shield if still same try gearsreloaded and if still have issue ma be shield as i use gears no problem. Stargate and mulitformate lite good on my shield as is maple streams. i also use tivimate for apk

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Are you using a VPN? If so, which one? Are Gears, Stargate, Maple Streams, and Multiformat lite, all streaming services?

I read somewhere, that someone said that there is supposed to be a fix in the next update. They said that the problem was with a network setting that was changed in the last update. He said the update the fix will be in, will be 7.2.4 (If I remember, correctly).

Thanks for your response and suggestions! I’ll give them a shot.

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no vpn and all are streaming services
gears is most pricey as one connection

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That possibly could be why you’re having no issues. You’re not using a VPN. Don’t know if using a VPN is an issue, but, it COULD be a factor. Using a VPN generally causes a slower stream. Trying to eliminate all variables at trying to find the cause.

Can’t seem to find how to clear the cache, on the Shield. Thought I had read to do that, go to Settings/Storage and Reset, didn’t see it there. I know you can clear cache of each app individually, one at a time, but would obviously like to clear all of the Shield cache in one click.

Hi @MaverickCoast. Correct me if I am wrong but your device cache is a space in RAM memory where copies of previously used files reside. Your device uses this cache as short term memory, making the file immediately accessible should you need it again. That being the case, going into Settings and initiating a Restart clears the contents of the cache until the device is back on again and a new cache is created?

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Yeah. I’ve done the restart, to clear out the “cobwebs”. Double-clicking the home button, will also show you the programs that you’ve opened, and are still in memory, I believe. You can close them there, but couldn’t find any other way to clear the cache of whatever else is stored on the machine.

Let me take a stab at this again:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Go to “Storage and Reset”.
  3. Select “Internal Shared Storage”.
  4. Scroll down and select “Cached Data”.
  5. You will get a screen that says "Clear Cached Data? OK/Cancel
  6. Select OK. This will clear cached data for ALL apps!

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much! I had gone there before, but didn’t pay attention to that option! All is good!

I use streamsforus, u streams and sports tv and I have no issues.

I had Nvidia Shield as my primary streaming device and ended up ditching it due to it’s limitations. As drastic as it may seem, my advice is to switch from Nvidia Shield to a good quality open android box running 9 pie os with 4gb of RAM and 32 gb of internal memory. You’ll have more customization and app options without the hassles you are experiencing with the Nvidia’s proprietary android tv os.

i have a connection speed issueas it goes up and down on both wired and wifi
have read about a fix where you have to use solder gun as wifi blutooth is also a problem

Can you let know what you used for the raspberry pi to setup the app?
Do you have the codes needed?

What “app” are we talking about? Thanks.

Streaming apps Troypoint rapid app, etc.
I want to use it as my streaming device.
My shield is terrible after the new update. Can’t run Troypoint rapid app, filelinked, etc.