Weyd settings? HOW TO? Instruction Manual

Last night installed Weyd, I have real debrid but not Orion yet. Syncler has been acting up and I use these apps to wind down so having to fight troubleshoot problem solve is not winding down. I am looking for instructions HOW TO USE and OPTIMUM SETTINGS for both SYNCLER + and Weyd. I found most of the links on weyd not clear. Also it seems to be linking to my syncler app. Also it downloads links which I do not want to do. So obviously instruction on HOW TO USE as it is not so easy as it claims. The front page is simple but that is the only simple part the view! Are YAH feelin me brothers? I never thought I would need an instruction manual for an app.
Lastly I think all apps should take point from TROYPOINT as his HOW TO’s ARE TOP SHELF better than any and I research. I made this comment for Troypoint to know I am the one whom commented on the legal process and the why’s of Judgements and precedence.

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Hey our local go to guy for this is @TP-Dracoo . He seems to know most everything for weyd. You could PM him.


Also before i even say anything more weyd isnt free

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Thanks this guy has helped me much! hugs!

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Weyd also uses orion as well. Its not expensive but my best setup if you have the money would be rd orion weyd.

Weyd is 5 bucks for 3 months
Rd is 4-15 for 3 months (depends on exchNges rates vs euros)
And orion is about 10 to 15 for the year

Yeah I got that it is the settings and user manual. It seems to be linking to my syncler+ app and downloading every search. Also I am clueless about how to get rid of collections. I do not want to download for several reasons. And it is downloading everything. I will not go with Orion until I have made a decision what is best either syncler or weyd which is why I only went with the 3months

And what is the CLOUD part is that why it is downloading every search?


What do you mean downloading? Syncler is downloading your stuff or weyd? You have to manually do that other wise it just streams

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Weyd is doing the downloading every source? And Weyd is linking to my Syncler app which is where the searches have been from which I found was odd. Logic says the link is either from real-debrid and or the exo-player. That is why I thought optimum settings for both and then proceed.

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So I must be downloading and not understanding what I am doing which is why I asked on the original post for a manual…really I am laughing at myself but trying. I have looked on reddit and many places for Manuals as well as OPTIMUM SETTINGS for both and many look for it but few provide any good advice on optimum settings. I think this could be a good post for Troypoint as settings are also a need in KODI which Troypoint did address the buffering issue to reduce cache size with the crew maintenance wizard.

I will have to get back to you on weyd, it doesn’t download to your devices unless you make it, and i dont know why weyd would pull from syncler it doesnt do that for me, separate programs separate searchs.

I havent used weyd in a couple weeks, i will fire it up and get back to you this weekend.

Okay I thought it was odd. So how about links to optimal settings for the two apps. I will do that for both and see if the issues are corrected?

Well syncler has its own settings.

Accounts > real debrid

  • Enable RD - On
  • Enable hosters - On
  • Enable cache torrents - On
  • Debrid service priority for hosters - 99
  • Debrid service priority for cached torrents - 100
  • Enable deferred resolving for hosters - On
  • Enable deferred resolving for torrents - On
  • Enable metadata detection - On
  • Enable cloud sanitization - On
  • Add magnet max wait (seconds) - 30


  • Debrid cache - On
  • Debrid cloud - On
  • TMDB - On

Source resolver

  • Number of reslover threads - 30 (10 if on firestick, the more power your unit the higher it can go)

I will get back to you on weyd, i have to up my subscription time on it and havent done it yet, last 2 weeks, been busy. Going to this weekend along with read debrid.

Okay thanks I will try what you sent for syncler and wait for you with Weyd on the weekend.

Completely agree 100% troy has got all the answers and his installation instructions are fantastic always work for me when followed his how to do instructions hes helped me out loads times and always got the best and latest apps with easy to follow installation instructions

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Im not renewing anything this weekend, however in your settings of weyd you can leave things as is, id turn off random auto next. I would change your number of resolvers to match the device. Firestick should be 10. Ugoos, shield or anything of that 20 to 30.

Make sure auto select is off, thats it. Your scrapper settings are set on orions panal then copy paste into weyd.

Okay, Thanks! I uninstalled Syncler plus and reinstalled with a different provider package also did the same with Weyd and still LINKED TO SYNCLER. Weyd is downloading under the cloud section every episode I watch and search in syncler. Also I tried deleting the downloads and it will not delete all but one. I suspect because I have the one series registered as a CONTINUE watching series. Also ORIONOID app was crashing yesterday hijacking the keyboard on iPhone. Perhaps forward this to the TROYPOINT guy.

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