Web Browser for Fire Cube

Are there any good web browsers for fire tvcube? Dont like Silk

Just do a search in amazon app store but to be honest you wont find an easier to use than silk on any device imho. Silk gets installed on all my non-amazon devices.

Ok…just thought maybe something out there without Amazon sticking there nose in…lol
Thank You

You have an amazon device… So they are going to do that. Silk is good for that device.

Thanks, appreciate the response

another thing is silk runs in the cloud putting less stress on your device and once you figure out bookmarks it gets easier.

Gotcha…thats a good thing

Brave browser works well and has ad blockers. Great for my sports sites. Brave.com
Using it now on my Kindle Fire tablet.

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I agree, Brave is my favorite browser. On Firecube works fantastic with an airmouse.:+1:

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Here’s something new if you like windows 11

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What do y’all find to be the best browser just for Android phones? Personally I’m liking Opera the best after testing all the other regulars. Phone only though.

I use either silk or jio pages on android.

For your phone’s main browser??

whoops, sorry. Silk and jio are android tablets. On my phone I use firefox focus

I use brave on everything :laughing:

Gotcha. Firefox is my favorite browser on PC. Will give Firefox Focus a look on phone.

I tried it on my phone last night and for me it was really slow. Otherwise, it was okay. LOL

I like to stay lite on android. Focus seems to be just right. I just browse to a site like troypointinsider, bookmark and create desktop shortcut. Makes frequent visits easy.

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Same. I do however have a lot of bookmarks, important bookmarks to me. Opera’s organization options (choice of Speed Dial or regular Bookmarks folder, ability to group, rename, so on) seems to fit my needs best in that department. It is the exact opposite on my PC or laptop. Firefox is hands down the best with the bookmark management and Opera is practically useless.

Chrome. That’s all I use on my Google devices. Silk on Amazon.