Watching Cinema while on airplane

You can do it one of two ways. You can add the files to your library in VLC, or you can use a file explorer to find your files and open them in VLC from there. I’m not at home to look at VLC to tell you the extract steps. I’m sure there’s a video or two on YouTube that will show you how to add files to your library.

Didn’t find anything on youtube - I will wait for further instructions. Sorry

Open VLC, go to the other section in the orange list on the left side, then in the grey area on the right go to settings, then open the option to choose your media library folders. Easy

Any idea how I can increase storage on samsung Tab 6

The samsung Tab 6 supports micro SD cards.

Good to know. Can you also use a flash drive with a converter for the C port to USB? I thought for downloading movies maybe a 1 or 2 tb would work

Yes. If you search on line Samsung sells the adapters and cards as a combination. Enjoy

hmm not finding anything but willkeep lookig

So here I am again - I have downloaded 3 movies from Cinema using real-debrid. I am trying to download them from my computer hard drive to a 32gb flash drive. First movie is 4.5gb but I get an error saying the file is too big for the drive?!?!?! How can that be? There is nothing on the drive - verified. In my estimation, I should be able to download at least 4 movies onto this flash drive.
Can anyone assist me on what I am not doing???

Because your flash drive is formatted at FAT32 and the maximum file size in that format is 4GB. I told you to keep the file size small. Reformat your flash drive as exFAT or NTFS if you want to download larger files.

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How do you download movies in stremio?
Can I download them directly on a tablet or do I need to do on a PC and transfer?

I’ve never downloaded them on my tablet, however I have downloaded movies on my PC. Just once. You should be able to download it by the app just pick the movie you want and it should come up the download button and hit it

I never download but my understanding is you can install ADM on your device, open Stremio, choose a movie, and then go to play using external player and select ADM and give it a go.

FYI: this is for instructional purposes only and you should only download stuff that is copyright free or that you are licensed to download or you own.

I have a Samsung tab 7 light. I tried today to download movies off of stremio with negative results. I downloaded an external player, also downloaded ADM still negative results. My tablet will not even stream a movie to watch it. What I do is I downloaded to my PC then transfer the movie to my tablet to watch it offline such somebody else suggested on an airplane.

Hey @AJS1 I just installed ADM on my pixel tablet and tried a download. I didn’t download an external player and had to modify some settings including background battery. Got it downloading now. I started the movie and then clicked use external player and Chose ADM. I now have server running in the background and adm shows me a progress bar. Already done and when I went to open it, it gave me the option to play it using x-plore Video. Played perfectly. Wow. I even found it in “downloads” on my tablet and clicked on it and it started playing automatically.

The reason I put stremio on my tablet is that at the time that stremio did not update new episodes for series on the shield Pro it did on my tablet and that’s what I utilized advised me when there was new episodes. Now that stremio on the shield advised me a new episodes haven’t stremio on my tablets kind of unecessary. I take that back I use my tablet for voice text for searching because since I use my 4K Maxx remote on my shield it won’t do the voice text. I find a movie or series on my tablet added to my tablet which will add it to my shield.

I am not sure how Real-Debrid will sometimes cache my history and other times not. But if you look into your Real Debrid account and select torrents tab. You can download directly from there. By clicking the Green box at right of each movie/episode. I use Firefox. I usually however just copy torrent magnet links from PB or L33. Paste it into my real debrid torrents and then it’s there for download.

On my Shield Pro Stremio has all the functions. I see all the latest releases of series and movies, complete with watched episodes, available unwatched episodes and upcoming episodes with release dates. The only reason I installed Stremio on my Tablet was to test out recording with ADM. It worked flawlessly after a few settings changes that the app actually recommended. Easiest way I’ve seen yet for downloading movies from Stremio and would definately be a good option to have some movies on my tablet for a long plane ride.

Yeah my Samsung tab 7 light will not download shows episodes or movies

I don’t honestly know about the lite, but the wife’s Galaxy Tab S8 Plus works.