Watching Cinema while on airplane

I am looking for a way to watch shows (TV or Movies) on an Android tablet while on a plane. I would prefer not to use wifi.
Is there a way to download shows from Cinema and watch offline?
Thanks in advance

I do not have Cinema HD so I really can’t answer that specific question. By reading the installation and the app qualities I don’t think so. What I do is I can download movies off of stremio onto PC onto a memory stick and then I can either take the memory stick and watch movies off of it or I can transfer the movies from my PC to a tablet.

Here’s what I do with Real Debrid.

Start watching something for a few minutes to make sure it’s a good stream. Choose a small file size. You don’t need to watch the video very long, just long enough that it will show up in your Real Debrid history. From your tablet open your web browser and go to the Real Debrid website and login. Under “Useful Links” click on “My Downloads”. You’ll see a list of everything you’ve watched recently with the most recent being at the top. Click on the download link. Then once it’s downloaded you can use whatever media player you have installed on your tablet to watch it on the plane.


I have to chime in here and say that works great. Now, how can I put that file in the tivimate recordings folder and have tivivmate show it and play it. I did put it in there, but it is not recognized in recordings. Would something like xplore work?

There’s a simpler solution that does not require Stremio or Tivi. Before you fly, just download the content using a torrent site. Troy regularly updates the best sites. 18 Best Torrent Sites in August 2023 (Free, Safe, & Working) You’ll need a torrenting app on the PC or tablet like Bittorrent to convert the torrent to the movie file format. Make sure to run a VPN on the PC/tablet during the download. The Troy videos take you through the process. I also download books this way for those very long flights.

Download VLC media player and use that to play the files.

Tried to follow - FAILED:( So very confusing

Sorry to seem dense but on Real-debrid I see the shows I’ve watched. If I want to download a series (say 10 episodes) do I have to open each one for a few minutes, then come back to RD and download it?

Can you figure out how to send me a private message with a phone number and I’ll call to take you through the process.

Unfortunately, yes. If you want to download a whole series at once you will have to use other torrent download methods as mentioned. How long is your flight? LOL. I choose not to download torrents anymore, as there are some risks. But do whatever floats your boat.

Multi-episode shows can be a pain to find in and download from torrent websites. However the torrent pros who heavily populate the sites with content often bundle a season into one folder, which takes one click (but sometimes many hours) to download. Always look for the torrents named “Season” or “SO#” with no episode number. Their download will end up in a single folder on the tablet/PC drive. Opening the folder will reveal each episode.

peterrsa - Thank you so much but I tried downloading a torrent from a site on Troypoint and even though I declined ALL the popups - they showed up on my PC. I had to uninstall about 10 apps I did not want. I just pray my PC is OK> I do not want to go that route.
I will try through RD. Seems a little safer

This is drawn out, I know. But once you do it once or twice. It is super easy and works great. For super fast downloads. I think this would a great Troy video. As long as it don’t interfere with anyone getting in trouble in showing how to do it.
If on a laptop/pc download jdownloader (it’s free) and then look for where it says premium services. You then scroll and find real debrid, log into your real debrid. Then I open a tab on a web browser. Log into real debrid. Then I add a new tab, open say l337 torrent site. Search for the movie/show. Like they said you can usually find full seasons packages together.
Click it. It will then open to the next screen.
Right click the magnet link and copy link.
Then go back over to the real debrid tab and select torrents tab up top. Then I paste the magnet link and it ask for you to start torrent download. It will create a new link in the white box below the title. You highlight that link and right click and copy. It should cause it to automatically add to the jdownloader.
Then open jdownloader and in the lower right in the link grabber tab. Select start downloads.
Jdownloader will make your downloads like 10x faster.
Also if you download Firefox on your phone. I use iPhone. I’m sure android is much easier.
You can open a real debrid window. Then open an another window and open like l337 torrent site. Again find torrent. Click it and hold down the magnet link on iPhone(not sure how function works on android phone) then I select copy link. Then I got to real debrid window. Open the torrents tab up top. And on the right I paste the link. It will ask you to select and start torrent. It will then create that link. Then I click that green box on the right side of the created torrent. It will then take you to the Download tab. It will create a download and a view link. Click which ever you want. If you click the download. Firefox will make a download option at the bottom and it will download directly to your phone. If you click view, it will play directly with a real debrid player.
This is the best thing I love about real debrid. The only thing I know of that will allow iPhone to workaround torrenting.

I’ll give it a try – is it regular downloader or jdownloader?
I am using a Samsung tablet – can I use that or must it be a PC?

Jdownloader is just for PC.
But you can use Firefox to get torrents and download them from real debrid on your tablet.
The other option is to get torrents and use utorrent on your tablet to download them.
With utorrent, do the same thing. Always use a vpn
Google play store and download utorrent
Open it
Goto a torrent site like l337 on a webrowser like Firefox
Click on the show/movie you want and it opens to another page. Hold the Magnet Link and select copy link.
Go back to utorrent and at the upper right there is a +. Click that. (Mine auto fills) if not hold and paste the link.
Then select ADD
That’s it.
Mine took like 7-8minutes for a 3.6Gb download.
Of course it depends on the amount of seeders. Try to get ones with more seeders. They usually download faster.
Hope that helps and does not confuse you more.
I’d say the utorrent option is probably the easiest.
The jdownloader is like if you want to collect stuff. Makes it super fast

I don’t know how often you fly, but in my opinion the steps above are too many and too time consuming. I’ve done both methods myself in the past and I just didn’t think it was worth it. Not to mention the risk of viruses and/or your ISP sending you a warning about downloading copyrighted material if you forgot to use a VPN. I don’t fly that often, so the real debrid method works very well for me to download a handful of movies at a time right from my tablet without having to transfer files between devices.

Yeah I really only need to download when I’m gonna be on a plane and find downloading from KODI very fast and easy.

Don’t fly often but its a long trip = 15 hrs:( I will try Jayhawks first. Once its downloaded to RD - I won’t need internet to watch, right? Wish me luck

Correct. You just need an app to play that file type. I recommend VLC.

I downloaded botha movie and tv show. I see both on RD. I have internet turned off and am in airplane mode (trying to pretend I’m on the plane:)
When I pull up VLC - I cannot find the downloaded show? Can you help?