Watch local channels

I am moving and basic tv is very expensive is their a good apk where I can get local programing? With fire stick.


Locast was great until the Networks shut it down last month. Try an antenna and, if that works, a FireTV Recast.

You can’t get local channels on an IPTV service, just national networks.

Yes, you actually can. Need to find the right providers. You can get locals from a ton of different cities all across the country. If I want to watch the news in Anchorage, Alaska right now I could.

I just browsed through a TP article on the site, 87 best apps or such, and in there is an app aimed at providing local channels. I use OLA TV but it takes a bit of effort to find the servers supplying your local channels, but it is free. I spent 4 days going through every server to see what they have. Personally I don’t care what network is supplying a program, it’s the program I care about.

I put up an antenna, but I must be in a low or weird spot. I’m 35 - 40 miles from the source, but CBS (Chicago) won’t come in easily. Any suggestions on a good antenna?

Parabolic grid antenna. That’s a whole other world I’m not going to get into on this forum.

Hi @patc,

See our guide on Local Channels - How to Stream Local Channels Without Cable in 2021 on Any Device

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WOW, that was just too easy. Works great many thanks :slight_smile:

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Other than my FSs on my TVs, I have digital antennas that pick up all my local channels just for news and weather purposes.

Some IPTVs have local stations they offer from across the country.
I live in Kentucky…but I can watch Channel 5 from Memphis, TN an NBC affiliate for instance with my current IPTV provider.

Thanks, yes, I can watch “local” stations from NY, LA, Atlanta, etc, on some non-IPTV apps, but nothing from where I live (Raleigh, NC) on anything.


Send me a private message and I will check what locals I can get with my IPTV provider when I get home this evening. If you don’t message me I’ll likely forget.

not sure how to send private?

Click on his name and pm option will show

is this a private email?

Nope, but I just sent you one.

Stellar has all the locals from every state
very happy with them as i’m getting into the mlb playoffs

You might check out antenna man. I have an outside antenna & pick up aprox 65 channels with it aimed toward Cleveland, Since I have rotor on it, I can pick up an additional 40 channels.

thanks I have had luck getting locals where i live but not where moving to that would be rapid city closest big city.

Watching Raleigh now ABC WTCD on Apollo US Locals group.
Also checked out CBS, Fox and NBC and all were working as of two minutes ago.