Walmart ONN Box (First Gen) Update To Android TV 12

Have an ONN (First Gen) Box that still gets a lot of use. I periodically check for updates. Yesterday it showed there was an update available, turned out to be an update to Android TV 12 as well as a remote update. The box I have has additional storage via OTG Cable and USB stick. Everything worked fine after update.
Settings>Device Preferences>About>System Update>Check For Update

Stream On!!!


Thanks. I’m on my onn. Gen 1 box now. Will update it. Does it still have the live tv tab on top ?

Doing it now, even says Android OS Upgrade, thanks for the info

I tried the onn google tv box but didn’t like it because there is no way to adjust the screen size like on the firestick.

I just Purchased One, getting Ready to set it Up, but if you the Solution, Hit me up, Love to Learn how. Thanks young man.

I am assuming you have the 2nd Generation box if you just purchased it.
The 2nd Gen box comes with Android TV 12 installed.
This video may help you set up. Its pretty straight forward.

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Thank you, I’m on it, you learn something everyday, will update you and Forum.

The ONN has screen adjustment
Settings>Device Preferences>Display>Screen Position
Then zoom in or out as necessary.


I tried every setting available but that was not one of them. When I googled it, others had the same issue with no luck.

onn boxes in uk much more expensive :unamused:

it does but mine doesn’t work after the update

I ended up not downloading the update as I hear people saying that they’re having ads display on the screen . So far no ads so I’ll skip the update

Thanks for the heads up on the update. I have a Gen 1 in the bedrooi k mmmmmmmmmmm jj`

Sorry for the technical glitch. Thanks for the heads up on the update. I have a 1st Gen in the bedroom, Annoying thing was that the audio could only be adjusted in increments of 3. Since the update, I now have full control of the volume level.

Also, after the update the remote didn’t work. Unplugging & rebooting fixed that. Thanks.

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I also have 1st Generation Onn + otg hub with usb drive and usb mouse. After the update, the right mouse button no longer works and my Flixvision app was disabled. Had to disable play protect again and re-install the app.

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I ended up not updating my Gen 1 onn box. Figured it’s working fine the way it is . I’ve seen people complain about live ads appearing on the home screen now . Bummer