Walmart Onn 4K Pro Review & Guides

I control several devices such as lights, curtains etc

I have Xplor. So i can set up an ftp host on it. I’ll search around/tinker see if I can pull it off. Wanna add my 4 grandbabys as homescreen on my wolf launcher

Here ya go. Set up WiFi File sharing. This is a full manual for using X-plore.

I got one on Monday when a friend brought it for me while on holiday here is South Africa. Looks good so far. Only 1 thing for me that wasn’t explained about the USB3 port. It does not read USB hard drives(FAT 32),is OK with USB sticks. I have now put the said hard drive in a self-powered HDD docking thingy and now all is good! I am sure that the USB3 port does not push enough power for HDD.
I am putting this on here in case it helps some one.

Hey i am replacing my firesticks as they all died same day! Makes me wonder. Where is troys video step by step on how to set up onn? I saw it once now can’t fine. Please help