VSEEBOX... Different Models

Sircue… I would like to know how to get in touch with this “support group”. My box is dead… will not come on.
I have been to their website and through chat, told them about my issue with my V2 Pro and no one has followed up as they said they would… they have been silent for one week. My unit has been verified to be still under warranty.

Try their phone.

Thanks Miki…

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Up date…

Finally got reply from seller.
Sent my problem unit to their repair facility in
Wyoming as I was instructed.
New unit sent… Scheduled delivery for


Some of these boxes work great but because of price have to do research before thinking about buying rumble and odysee has full unfiltered reviews for most of these boxes and I did see one box recently that used the same channels as one of my subs that I use so I do know that particular one has reliable lifetime channels

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when I see Anyone or anything offering this I run as fast as I can away


New replacement unit received !!!

Everything working as it should…

Fully Loaded Android Boxes - Why You Should Avoid Them (troypoint.com)

Please, for the love of Troy, nobody else buy these boxes lol.

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Nah, you’re in the right business you just need to be a seller or provider not a buyer, customer.

Try watching Mecum auto auctions live! Drive u nuts! Also I watch NHRA racing recorded cuz there’s a lot of commercials and a lot of talk between races. Also I like to record a lot of automotive shows like overhaulin! I’ll even record the first two quarters of a football game and watch the last live. But to each his own. :sunglasses: