VPN & Safety Dot

I didn’t turn it on. I was concerned it would annoy me, I cant even have subtitles on as my eyes get distracted. Had a look and cant find the option now, strange! I think it was something to do with Kill Switch and if you lost VPN it would alert you with this semi-transparent dot.

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I also had the problem of Safety Dot randomly turning off. I corrected it by first force sopping it, deleting cache and data, then uninstalling and reinstall using RAI.

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Worth a shot…thnx @Hgmartin :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you so much for responding I really appreciate it. Sorry about responding so late. If anyone knows house to get that, I would appreciate it.

Got this popup today on my FireTV.

I’ve been testing the free version for few days now.


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SS will display their icon on phones, tablets, and PCs (if you use the extension).

Ya the last post was Mar. I just thought it was the best spot to post.

I believe that so-called warning is just an attempt to get you to buy their premium. Imho, these are just notification dots showing you whether your VPN is active or not. I like the VPNSafetyDot, but am not going to pay for it. The free version works good enough. However, I have since switched the Monitor Dot. It is free and works very well. There is another free one called the Privacy Dot. Don’t much about that one …never tried it. Bottom line, they are just a dot to show whether your vpn is on or off.

I was just testing it out. Im have now uninstalled it im back to the old reliable Monitor Dot.

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TBH, I liked the VPNSafetyDot because I was able to change the icon that flashed to something I made. Although, I didn’t like how he suddenly decided he wanted to get paid for it.

The Monitor Dot does everything the free version of the SafetyDot did and a bit more.

When it’s all said and done, it boils down to a dot flashing red or green nothing more.

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Safety Dot did add a few features that the other dots dont have, but I have tried the Monitor Dot and it works very well. Not sure I would pay for Safety Dot again as the features they added I’m not convinced are terribly effective.

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I did use your info to create the SurfShark icon like you. That was the main reason I installed Safety Dot.:wink:

It was quite easy to do.

Yeah, I agree. I saw the “extras” and wasn’t impressed. I believe that was done to try and justify making it a paid app. Bottom line, there are plenty of free apps and resources to do what the Safety dot added and more.

I’ve emailed SS and posted on their Discord if they have in the works for a notifier to be a feature on all of their apps. Right now they have it on their phone, tablet and PC apps, but not their device apps. The VPN service that does that will have an edge in the VPN market.

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Do you mean a stationary ‘Key’ icon? or is it a real Dot that is animated?