VPN not working on ANDROID BOX

Oh boy TOTAL from RAI…what"s that?

what ARRIS router are you using?..

a virus scanner called virus total

TG3452 A/GG is the model

oh goodie that is on the troypoint uh what a dummy I am RAI Rapid app installer LOL

And cleaner? Or no need?

Hey it says I have a virus on wolf fire launcher. Should I delete it?

false reading, ignore it

Okay I was about to freak out

just make sure to get apps from trusted sources.

I can not use GOOGLE PLAY Store not rooted a mistake. I always check the RAI hehehehe for things first

So the problem for this reporting was DEF SQUID what to do as it is on the RAI and gave false readings and I think the TROYPOINT OWNER should know

Its not in the RAI… I think it used to be but I could be mistaken

Whoops, my bad, yes its in there.

just my opinion stay away from defsquid.

We just proved this gave me 3 days around kingdom come for excuse me a whole lot of BS and nonsense…your opinion REIGNS right now…proven SUPERIOR

Oh and I find using connection in the states is faster than Canada but once in a while just Canada. So about the ipv6 I could have had a hack on my other router and to this device when we think about it so I am not feeling bad about changing the router now…Your awesome


not to be a debby downer but that ARRIS router model is known to have connection issues cuz of the PUMA CPU being used AND NO UPDATES TO FIRMWARE because of that …just an FYI might want to invest in a upgraded modem.

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Thanks all good I will write that down. It was given to me by COGECO and for a business connection as the HITRON was not allowing me to change any SSID or passwords in their updates. Uh I have a UDM and noticed the post of Troypoint about DDRT??? I did not know what model the UNifi Dream Machine was to add WIREGUARD to it as the security on it slows everything down and it has it"s own VPN but I can only add to devices not the android box which I wish I could.

Hope I did not break any rules here… referred to language referral. Everywhere so sensitive do not want to get kicked out of the troypoint insider church