VPN Monitor Dot Free VPNSafetyDot

There is an error downloading this. Anyone know if the app is still available and maintained?

VPN Monitor Dot

Free VPNSafetyDot alternative that alerts you when your VPN is not connected.


I had the same issue Money. I ended up going with the VPNPrivacyDot. I found it had full config for the dot and that was most helpful. I actually like it better. Have a great day.


I too had a problem with the Downloader Code not finding The VPN Monitor Dot

Here is the website for VPN Monitor Dot.



Maybe this forum/website could include the original URLs (as well as the downloader code) for any APK being discussed (?)

downloader code>>> 237320

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Thank you! Ilike this one because it’s much brighter to see.

Every time i enter thst code, it doesn’t work

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That’s odd it worked for me.

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No problem. Just found it on their website. But received a warning from Nord Vpn that it over rode my tapjacking. So uninstalled it.

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I’m confused. What do you mean over rode? Tap jacking is not good.

Read some of the warnings. Tapjacking is baaaad!

tapjacking - Google Search

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Its basically a keylogger for phones or app based devices. Its a nasty version of it.


I hope you arent tap jacking anyone.

Nah, got divorced. lol

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Suggest you and others re read my original reply to miki. I stated it over rode my tapjacking on Nord Vpn. Surely you experts should know that when tapjacking is enabled on nord vpn it stops, anyone tapjacking me!!

Yea, ut was almost worded like you where doing it not the victim, if so my apologies and im glad it was caught.

I guess I will have to study up on my NordVPN features, as I didnt know that was a feature. No expert here.

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What is that feature called on NordVPN?

NordVPN Features (25 Benefits of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) | NordVPN)

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No probs. Perhaps my wording was ambiguous. I wrote my reply to warn others about a concern that i had experienced. I always have " prevent tapjacking" enabled.
Hope this clarifies everything.

When i installed vpnprivacydot and turned on Nord Vpn, it automatically notified me of the tapjacking protection being disabled. If " prevent taljacking" is not enabled in Nord Vpn, it will not raise a warning, whe activating vpnprivacydot.

I’m not doubting that is a feature, I just don’t see it on their website (link in my previous post). I was hoping to learn more about it.

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