VPN Dots not working correctly

I’ve been blissfully using VPN Privacy dot and VPNmonitor dot for a month or so now. However, I recently found that neither are showing RED when the VPN is disconnected - they just show GREEN whenevr they are on, no matter what! ! I have a fairly standard setup on my Firestick 4k Max with kodi and a half dozen other sideloaded apps. My VPN is Surfshark. VPN safety Dot works fine but I don’t want to pay their fees.

Anybody else having this issue or have a solution?

I found I had problems and out of the 3 readily available vpn monitors, I settled on VPNPrivacyDot. Good config options and works without problems for me.

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Yes, between VPN Privacy dot and VPN Monitor Dot, I prefer the former because of its configuration options. But if it doesn’t work…

VPNPrivacy dot works flawlessly on my Max, the other two not so much. Can’t remember the 3rd ones name but I stopped using it due to broken promises. My privacy little green world with a padlock on it shows while connected and the moment my VPN disconnects it changes to a much larger red triangle with an exclamation mark in it. No idea why it’s not doing that for you.

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The only thing I realized was it stays green if you don’t have it running through the vpn. I have my certain apps split tunneled through it and when I downloaded it, turned it on, it was green. Now that it’s running through, I tested it and goes red if I turn vpn off. Not concerned due to Killswitch but got so used to it and the family is as well

Ahh that could be. I never run anything that doesn’t go through the VPN. My Max is completely updated and I’ve never had any issues with my vpn, security dot or system. Oh and happy birthday.

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Vpn monitor dot is working on my Samsung phone and my z11 and wife’s cube.

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I still use the FREE version of the original VPN Safety Dot and it works great!

I did try the other two, but I like the original the best.


OK, well, when I checked my VPN safety Dot, guess what? Same thing. Green stayed on no matter if VPN on or off. Long story short, I traced this behavior to the Kill Switch setting in Surfshark. Kill switch on, problems. Kill Switch off, everything works the way it should.

Go figure!

Mine works fine with kill switch off on SS.

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Same here. No issues

What about with it on?

Do you have anything checked in the “Bypasser” feature? Check your “Bypass VPN” and your Route via VPN and see if you have anything checked.

Btw, I just checked on my SS and the VPN Safety Dot seems to function properly with the Kill Switch On or Off.


It has been posted that it doesn’t work with the kill switch on.

Couldn’t get my dot to work yesterday. Rebooted my Shield Pro twice, no help. Did a force stop and Clear cache on the app and everything started to run properly again. When all else fails, reboot and start over. Often works for me.

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I choose which apps to have VPN work with. Stremio, IPTV, Privacy Dot – I think there are five. Interestingly, my Privacy Dot was green even though VPN was off (I disconnected Kill Switch on SS for this experiment). So I uninstalled it and reinstalled using Troy’s code in Downloader. Now, it is only a green square (or red square if VPN off) with seemingly no ability to configure it (transparency etc). The little guy with the lock icon disappeared. I wonder if Troy’s code went to a different app other than Privacy Dot? But at least it works.

No idea. I’ve had privacy dot from it’s first release. Working just great. Biggest thing is most haven’t a clue how a killswitch works and why the monitor apps show green, just like they should, when the killswitch is active. I would never connect to any internet without an active VPN. I run everything through it for my safety.

Not following. If killswitch is on but the VPN is disconnected, safety dots shouldn’t be showing green.

Yes it should. Is the VPN “Active”? Yes. Active VPN=green. Inactive=red. So the VPN is working as the killswitch has stopped any send/recieve and you are safe. If your safety dot shows red then it means your network is sending/receiving on an unprotected “open” network.


I think we’re speaking at cross-purposes. I’m saying after I disconnect the VPN (no VPN now - the VPN is inactive) the dot should go red, no matter what. It doesn’t. It stays green after I disconnect the VPN if the Kill Switch is left “on”.