VPN blocking Tivimate

I have premium Tivimate and Ipvanish - For some reason My Services on Tivimate will not Work now when I Connect to VPN!?? Does anyone Know How I Can Fix This.!!
EXAMPLE: everything works fine when vpn is off But when I turn VPN Tivimate is Blocked.!!?? My service providers are not blocking VPN


Try allowing tivimate through ipvanish. Similar to allowing it through a firewall.

Or setup split tunneling.

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I’ve been Trying Everything - Why Do split tunneling ( That would Defeat purpose of using VPN Correct ) split tunneling just Allows my service to not connect to VPN.!?? Or do I have that Wrong

Try changing the protocol

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I’m a true Believer in Open UDP so tried all those and now I’ve Tried Wireguard ( No Luck ) I Guess The Only option is Closing it all out and Starting Again.!! This is So Crazy I’ve been using for years with no problem - then Boom :boom: SMH :joy:.!!! All my Iptv providers are Good with IPVANISH so this is so very Baffling and IRRITATING.!!:100::pray:

I used IPVanish with Tivimate. In the beginning it was great. After 1 year my speed with IPVanish and Tivimate was getting slower. But in the past 8 months it would not let me use Tivimate. I tried every option I thought of and found on internet. I did not want to split tunnel because you are exposed and defeating the purpose of VPN. I changed VPN. Problem solved.


Try using a different vpn.

Changing protocol

Or vpn.

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I’m Starting to get Frustrated that I might Just Do That - Yet I’m Questioning whether ( Ipvanish is Really a Good vpn and Actually Works over others that’s why it’s so difficult to set up ) or ( Ipvanish isn’t That Good ) I’m Just Stuck with - WTH to do cause I’m really confused with not Understanding how or what the Answer is.!! ( So I turned off VPN went back into Tivimate - Playlists will not update Says no internet connection - ( Okay - Went back turned on VPN internet has connection - Yet playlist still will not update and Guide doesn’t Show No Info ) Everything is Correctly Formatted.!!!
So Now I Deleted Ipvanish - And Everything Works Great.!!! I’m so Confused and Irritated - Can’t figure this out

I’m so Thankful for comments and Support.!!:100:. If Ipvanish will not Work ( Why promote it as #1 ) Why would or should another vpn be a Solution.!?? Please don’t Take this Question Wrong way - I’m not trying to Be ugly or Doubt Anyone What so Ever.!! I’ve just been Doing this a long Time and I’m finally once Again at a ( WTH ) Is Happening here I’m having a ( Mid life - Cord Cutter Break Down ) :joy:

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I’ve read that some IPTV providers are blocking the use of a VPN somehow and you have to contact support to have them enable it. No idea how they are doing this. But somewhere on this forum I read about a similar issue.

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Yeah - That’s Really Scary - You got the The Whole world trying to Take Control of Our Rights and Now Cord cutting is Trying to do the SAME.!!?? That’s Scary :100: and Kinda Disturbing.!! Thanks for that info.!!!:100:

Did you try switching IPVANISH server location? Try ashburn, test an app, then try tivimate.

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Have you tried loading a free playlist like Pluto TV in Tivimate and see if that works? If it does then you’ll know that it’s your IPTV provider blocking it and not the Tivimate app problem.

My Tivimate was stopped by IPVANISH. I had to change VPN’S. Try it without IPVANISH.


If you tunnel split you don’t have VPN protection

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Thank you Guys : I Had to take a Few to calm Down :joy:.!! Yes I tried a Million things + Even talked to My Tv Providers ( which I been with awhile ) They laughed They Said it’s not there End - Couple of them said Don’t need one and and a few Said I do - But they Don’t block VPNs.!! So I took advice from Miki and Uninstalled Ipvanish and $ Got another - Bam up and Running :100: Nice and Smooth.!! Honestly I’m confused and a Little Nervous ( been with Ipv long Time ) so it’s Hard to understand the Why’s .!! Not going to Worry about it Today - Wasted a good day messing with this.!! If anyone knows some Good Insider Snowden issues happening - love to hear about it.!! Have a Good Day at " The TV " Surfing :ocean: Streams.!! Thank you and STAY GOLDEN

Ya I have been with IPVanish for over 5 yrs. They didn’t help at all, and when I said to cancel my subscription all they said was “sorry to see you go”. Switched to ExpressVPN and had much better connections and speeds.

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This is First Ive heard that you can do That.!! ( Pluto + Etc…) on Tivimate.?? If you don’t mind - please leave me message on How to Do those Things - That would be Awesome and Really Helpful , Especially for backups and other occasions.!! Thanks Brahh


AWESOME!! Thanks Brahh really appreciate it you taking your time to share that with me.!! I’m going to try it Tonight when I get home !! Thanks Again - you ever need anything or ?? Be glad to try and help.!! Have a good day STAY GOLDEN