Vlc media player

How do I load content onto it?

This should explain all you need to know.

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@Herm Hi

In VLC media player you can do many things, here is a link from wiki how to.
VLC media player

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@Matrix Thank you for a great link with some helpful tips.


You’re welcome. But as you mentioned above TP manual is the best to install and use the vlc media player :+1:

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That was very helpful, and thoughtful of you to share. I appreciate you.

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Anybody else find they get the best results using the native player with IPTV? I’ve tried VLC and the other one (?) and get buffering in most cases.

With TiViMate I use the built in player. Works perfectly.

I’ve experienced the opposite. I find that native players in apps are not as good as VLC or MX Player.

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When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

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