Virus Total Scan Prior to Download

Didn’t find steps in search. How do I run Virus Total scan before I download apk/app to my firestick? I usually dowload then scan before I open it. Thinking this might not be the safest thing to do. However, I use the same unlinked codes most of the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

General question, no particular app. I usually use popular unlinked code mentioned by troypoint.

Thank you for responding

Yes you can. Just in case this might help someone in the future, you don’t have to have your apk/app installed on anything. You can download your apk/app to whatever device you have, laptop, cell phone, etc. (don’t install, just save) then open your browser and go to Click the button that says “Choose File”, select your apk/app and it will scan.


Still downloaded to the device just not installed. But probably best to scan BEFORE installing.


Exactly the point. You scan before installing. She was wanting to scan, as she worded it “before downloaded onto her Firestick”, which can be easily done. As noted. It is possible and recommended.

Do you agree with this? This is the statement I was replying to and that statement is not correct.

I wasn’t arguing with your or anything. He is right, if you use the playstore or anything it auto installs, have to use apk pure or something to download before installing. Unless you can turn off that feature in the playstore.

I didn’t see anyone mentioning Playstore, as a matter of fact she was talking about unlinked codes. He is not right no matter how you wanna twist words. I think the comprehension on this topic here is a little off.

I’m aware of the unlinked, you can download before installing. I just dont know if you can do it with the playstore. I’m not twisting words, it only scans what is on your device, weather its downloaded or installed. Ether way it has to be on the device. I’m correcting the quote. Im not trying to start issues over semantics with you.

I think another issue may be some sort of confusion between using virustotal the apk and virustotal the website. Virustotal doesn’t have to be installed on your device to be used. It is a perfectly good standalone website where you can upload any apk or app to be scanned as long as the file size is under 650mb.

True: You can scan apks or apps before they are installed on your device.

Not true: You can’t. Virus Total only scans what is installed on your device.

Download apks from: apkpure, unlinked codes, apkmirror, etc.

No mention: Playstore


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That is what I meant. She has to have it on her device either download, or installed. She cannot scan what isn’t there. geesh…

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That’s what bugs me most about this place. No matter what, nobody is ever wrong even when they are.

Is there a video or screenshots, that can walk me through the process? I not very computer technical. I can’t picture in my mind how to accomplish the scan prior to install.

VirusTotal - Home

I could certainly show you the way I do it but I’d immediately have 2 or 3 people arguing about it for some reason. :pleading_face:

I’ll do it though. Can you tell me which apk you want so I’ll have something to use for reference?

virus scans are over rated :joy:… just stirrin’ the pot :grimacing: :skull:

Hope you tell everyone. I’m interested in this too. I thought (for no educated reason) if you didn’t open the app you were safe, so I would download it, run the scan and if it was nasty just delete it and I thought that was safety.:woozy_face:

I would like to know how you do it without having a file dowloaded to scan it. And please don’t say scan the URL… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are y’all really serious? :face_with_monocle: :laughing: Ask @Mslea , she understands it perfectly now.

You’re good PapaS. I think you understand how it works.

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