Virus Total 2.5 on Nvidia Android—"No Internet Connection"

The 2.5 version of Virus Total from the TroyPoint Store won’t scan. Message: “No Internet Connection”. Had to revert back to the much older version from Un-Linked. Not sure the older version provides access to all current malware.

I always use their online scanner, its more up to date with the latest definitions.
VirusTotal - Home

I am getting the same “error: no internet connection”? I have turned off the vpn and let the vpn on but still get the message? Any ideas?

Unplug Ethernet and use WiFi instead and it will work.

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Thank you, Troy. My Shield is hard wired to my router with a firewall between it and the Internet/modem. I set it up that way intentionally. I did shut off my VPN but, as ‘Garimondo’ added, it made no difference. I do use some Wi-Fi in my home but not with the Shield, and I’m reluctant to do that. It seems odd to me that the older versions of VirusTotal work just fine using an Ethernet cable. Anyway, I greatly appreciate all you do for the community, but I’ll look for another option. All the very best to you.

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Will an update address this issue?

Thanks Troypoint. I have the same problem. I’m connected by Ethernet.

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Unfortunately, I can’t find in the thread who it was who suggested this APK from APKTime (Tools—Malwarebytes v3.14.0.83 [Premium] Updated : 22-Apr-2023), but it seems to be working well for me after a week of running it.

I’ve used malwarebytes for 4 years now and have it installed on all my devices.


I agree with Miki I have had malwarebytes on everything I have for years and am very happy with it


Upon @Miki 's praise, I also tried Malwarebytes about 8 months ago and have been using it ever since.