Verizon 5g home Internet

Anyone here use or heard anything about Verizon 5g home internet?

I was just offered free 300 mb service with up to 75 connected devices.
Personally I know little if anything about this service although I have had verizon phone and had no real issues(several years ago).

Free??? As in no cost, zilch, zero?? That’s a deal you can’t pass up, right? Not Verizon, but I know a few people that have the T-Mobile 5G home internet service here. Probably very similar. Some think it’s great and others have problems. Mostly depends on where the cell towers are located in regards to your house. T-Mobile’s price was $50 flat fee

EDIT: wait, is 300 mb your download speed or is that the total amount of data you get to download for this free price thing you speak of, lol.

unlimited data, no cap(what they said) 300 is the dl, they had no idea on up(sales tech door to door). Free modem, no charges. I signed up for a 2 day trial, be here later this week. My retirement status made it free. We will see


Do an update when you get it.

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Wow, what a deal! Holy smokes. Just hope it’s not too good to be true. :face_with_monocle:

FCC Lifeline program. Yes, I’ve had some people say the service is great if you’re in a strong signal area.

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2 sales people were here today working the area. They said the service in this area was installed over the last few months and said service was great here and showed me a signal meter pegged out and made claims their service was dedicated to internet and not shared with cell traffic…


I have it. Had it for almost a year now. I ordered it when 5G became available in my area.

It’s been rock solid. Had one outage that was due to me not rebooting the router after an update. I got an email about a service upgrade and that I should reboot. Getting an average of 200-250 down and 25-30 up. I use it for all my streaming devices.


great to hear. Just got my ups shipping tracking number :+1:

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I have verizon 5g. Seems to work. Without vpn, im hitting 229mbps dl. With vpn, im at 74mbps, atm.
That’s using surshark. Seems to stream movies just fine.

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Should be here today :cold_face:

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Verison 5g first run no vpn
Screenshot from 2023-04-12 16-29-19
Second run on surfshark NY server
Screenshot from 2023-04-12 16-31-58

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Run one with yur VPN. Also, is this fiber to the home?

the 2nd pic is vpn, and faster thanm without. its 5g, no fiber


What am I missing…how can 256 bit encrypted data be transferred faster than plain ole non encrypted data? :thinking: :eyes:

BTW…cool that you can get this service…I just checked & its not available in my city.

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Not real sure, I watched a video and the guy said his was faster on his router. So I disabled the router and used mine, speeds are faster on my vpn than without, go figure

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Morning after update. Speeds are in the teens this morning. Actually what caught my attention was buffering so I ran test. Not good

Unplug it and do the 20 second reset. Had to do that after every update. I think the update forgets the reboot step. It will take a while for it to come back online.

I wish I could but I just boxed it up. I dont play :joy: