USTV247 and VPN

It appears that IPVanish does not work with USTV247. Although the VPN is working, the USTV247 site does not recognize you are on a VPN and will not allow you to watch channels that require a VPN such as AE and sports channels.

Anyone have a fix?


It does that with ExpressVPN as well. I firmly believe they do that just to sell a Vpn Sub.


I forgot to mention I turned my vpn off and could get some to play.

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Forgot to mention that it was unplayable with vpn on my older firestick but works well on my PC

Oh. My ExpressVPN works when playing most channels, but the ones insisting you use a VPN and directing you to NordVPN will still do that with vpn on or off.

It has worked best for me using it on Kodi with The Crew addon. All channels work with or without a VPN for me.

Excellent. I’ll let others know. I’m not a kodi fan so I won’t be testing it out, and I don’t use USTVgo or 247 etc. Because I get all those channels free without issues in Ola TV and I am strongly opposed to what I consider being dishonest practices by insisting you use a VPN but the only one that works is the one they recommend.

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I haven’t used Kodi in years. I started with Kodi originally then moved to APKs. I saw someone post about The Crew addon for Kodi and tried it. It’s only there as a backup.

I used the free version of Proton VPN and it worked on my nVidia, but Had to tweak the server when I tried it on my phone.

Hmm. That’s interesting I have a proton account so I’ll install the free VPN and test it out.
I’m beginning to think you enjoy putting me to work Power. Lol.

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I tested it a couple of days ago when I finally found a way to get the app loaded onto my Shield. When I clicked on A&E the need a VPN message popped up. I already had the free version of Proton VPN. So I turned it on and then tried the A&E channel again and it worked. The phone worked after I changed servers a couple of times.

I use Kodi matrix 19.2 + crew + IPVanish and none of 247 works for me. I stick with ustvgo. It works great

I’m not sure, but what I am seeing is USTV 247 is USTVGO. The app I finally was able to download on my Shield in named USTVGO 247. I just shortened the name to USTV 247 when I had to make a shortcut and icon for my favorites folder.

The use of a VPN is random and doesn’t seem to be a need for most channels. In fact I only ran into 2 channels where a VPN was required. Although, there may be more. I only have this installed as one of my backups if needed.

Oh it’s true. USTVGO has a few variations in it’s name. I found 2 apps and tried both. Looks like they were for TV not the stick.

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Ok so that was harder than I figured for a bunch of reasons, but I finally got ProtonVPN installed on the firestick and son of a gun I could get into ustvgo and stream all the channels very hurky jerky. Buffers like a mofo. BTW when trying to use your phone to access the protonVPN site to enter an access code leave your VPN on. Lol.

???. Not sure what that is. Lol. Hiccup?

That was a mistake. I wanted to post a short vid of a channel playing from USTV 247, but the file kind is not allowed.

Anyway here is what I am experiencing at present. I booted up USTV 247 and clicked on AMC and everything played perfectly. Then I went to a known channel (A&E) where they prompt you to use a VPN. So I totally backed out of USTV 247 and booted up my Proton to a USA server. Then I went back into USTV 247 and clicked on A&E. It came on instantly and played normally for about 15 seconds. Then the buffering started, and its been buffering on and of on that channel for quite awhile. Could be it is Friday with a lot of extra traffic going on. It could be that Proton dropped my speed down to 32Mbps. Closing Proton my speed is 924Mbps. Proton drops my speed HUGELY!

Bottom line, USTV 247 works perfectly if I don’t use Proton. It will work randomly with using Proton on some channels. I would like to test it out with a more quality VPN service to compare results more.

Without Proton the channels that play will play as good as if it were a Concrap feed!

Btw, the other night I played the same channels that required a VPN and they all played very well , with little no buffering. Today they load up but buffer quite a bit, but without Proton the channels that load all played well. I will test it out later on tonight and see if the traffic has slowed down any.

This app is a head scratcher because there is no rhyme nor reason why some channels require a vpn but most don’t. Espn won’t play without a vpn, but ESPN2 will. HBO won’t play without a vpn, but Cimemax will. Fox Sports won’t, Fox Sport 2 will. I would say there are over 100 channels and about 85% will play without a vpn.

I still think this is a keeper. Maybe when I get a better vpn like Nord (which happens to be the one they sell) or Express. Then I will test more thoroughly by tweaking servers and settings within the vpn. The free Proton one I am very limited as to what I can do. To be honest this Proton only gives you 3 countries (US, Japan, Netherlands) and only 9 servers in the USA to choose from, and they don’t even tell you where they are located! LOL


I have exactly the opposite issue. Using IPVanish my down speed is 45 Mbs, ExpressVPN 90 Mbs, and ProtonVPN 110 Mbs, and I can only access those “restricted” channels using Proton. Are you sure you didn’t just step out of a Twilight Zone episode?

You’re in Mexico, correct? Maybe you might just happen to be right next to one of their servers. The only indication I have is MAYBE the server I am connected is somewhere in Montana?

From where I am and my IP providers main feed, the closest hub is Dallas. With Proton Free I can’t select locations or protocols, or change anything. No options other than choosing countries.