URL for IPTV smarters

Good Morning Troy.
I appreciate your tutorial on IPTV Smarters,I added the URL mentioned although I got 300 news channel I could find FOX news from NY CBS Ny works so that’s cool…again I appreciate your info but where can I find different URl to try…



Do you mean free urls? There is tons of them posted by users.

Try this.


These two free M3U URLs have the national Fox News Channel.

This one has 1,846 channels in 29 separate groups. You will find the Fox News Channel among the other 84 news channels in the News Group.

This one is almost identical in content to the other one. It has 29 groups with 1,759 channels. You will find the national Fox News Channel in the news groups along with another 88 stations. This one also has the Fox News Radio.

As far as having an epg to go along with these m3u’s. You can try these 2 epg urls. I did test these channels and the m3u’s and epg’s are good. The channels’ m3u played well and the epg’s did populate a guide for them.



Hey @Powerfader I took a peek at your “countries” playlist looking for a couple of news channel backups for my iptv service…found what I was looking for & also noticed the Fox Weather Channel is there. Can’t remember who was looking for it a while back but if they read this or you remember…it’s here & works well.


Hey @TXRon & @Streaming429 FYI…Fox Weather Channel in PF’s M3Us…I added the playlist to my tivi & put the channel in my iptv “all playlists” favorites.


YoWindow is my favorite weather app! Lol
It makes checking the weather fun! Even if the weather down here is always 88 to 95 with high humidity and a chance of scattered showers late afternoon. See, I’ve just did the weather forecast for SWFL for the next 9 months! :triumph:


Lived there/worked there/dodged hurricanes there/repaired hurricane damage there many times over many years…know those reliable afternoon showers well. Local weather was just them reading a bazillion temperatures over & over…ha ha…until a hurricane was coming.

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This one has the fox weather and Fox Now Live, also. This has 98 channels. It’s pretty good and this epg will populate all but about 4 or 5 channels. About half are locals from all over the US.




Copy that…I’ll slap it in & check it out :+1:

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