Universal Android remotes

I am curious to know what type/types of streaming remotes users prefer.What’s your favorite?Does it work with all of your streaming devices?How about complete control,does it control your tv,soundbar etc.

Looking forward to all your comments and feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll start off if that’s ok. I am a rare bird in that I kinda like the “triangle” remote for my Shield Pro. But oddly enough, I do find that on the odd occassion, I revert to using my Rii 2.4 GHz mini keyboard. When doing a ton of typing and plowing through new app settings, the mini keyboard is easier to type with and the trackpad is a huge bonus to me. I guess this kinda means I haven’t found the best all in one remote for me yet. Looking forward to the upcoming insiders comments and suggestions. Tx @teehar.


Hard to go wrong with any of the Wechip remotes. Amazon sells them but you can find them cheaper on Walmart, Alibaba, or Aliexpress.


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Oh hey I love the look of that one. Nice KB and remote, all in one, for a pretty good price, and a dongle. I love dongles. :laughing:

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I use my 4K Maxx remote on my shield Pro!

I have a bunch of those. I should give it a go. Tx.

I have used the Rii Mx3 wireless remote with keyboard, (available off Amazon for $12.99) for years and they work great on all my devices. They come with a usb plug-and-play dongle so there is no need to pair it to any of your devices.


Yes I’m just looking at a mini keyboard combo for my Fire TV Stick 4K (2nd Gen) this is what I’m thinking about Rii New Dual Mode Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse I4 Bluetooth 4.0 with 2.4G Wireless I believe it can connect straight to Bluetooth on Firestick so no need for USB OTG cable. Have you heard anything about this or something similar for me to look at before I purchase it?

This one is rather dependable for a dongle remote


I was looking at that one.How well does it work with your Shield TxRon?The one I have now works pretty good,with the exception of the typing commands for search.It’s kind of odd,some apps it works others it doesn’t.But the one I use the most Stremio,the typing command doesn’t work.


I have that remote also and it works ok with the shield. Like Miki I prefer the triangle shield remote.


I like the feel of the Shield remote,but the north and south layout of the buttons gets me,especially when trying to skip forward or skip back.I end up hitting the wrong button lol.



I like my Shield Pro remote because i was able to reassign the netflix button. I like my Onn Pro remote (w/o free tv button). I liked my FS remotes.

I usually just adapt to the remote.

Luckily my Samsung tv has a One Remote capability so it tries to connect other devices plugged into the HDMI box to the remote. My soundbar is Samsung so I just control it with the tv remote.

My other tv is controlled by my Shield remote. Strictly a streaming tv.

But i barley watch cable anymore so i am glad my onn pro can power on my tv and soundbar.

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Yeah my toilet is in an octagon shape! LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I highly recommend the Sofabaton remote, which is similar to the universal Harmony remotes but better.

The really cool thing is that it can send out an IR signal and will also work with Bluetooth. I use it on all my streaming devices, TV, and soundboard! I even use it to control our fireplace since both use an IR signal!

To program the remote, you can either use your original remote to program the Sofabaton, or they have a list of devices you can choose from. I used my fireplace remote to program the Sofabaton.

Great remote!


Good day @MaverickCoast. How about posting a link to the remote or even a pic? Have a great day.

I prefer to have several remotes. I change the source with my Samsung TV remote then grab the remote to whatever box that HDMI Port is on :rofl:


Mark controlling his devices…


That’s what I do as well but…the table next to my chair is covered with remotes lol…surely there is a better way